Sony α850 DSLR picture leaked + new Sony 28-75 f/2.8 lens

Update: after some more digging I found also the lens kit picture (price EUR 2699). Is this a new Sony lens? If you remember this was one of the missing Sony lenses.


This Sony α850 DSLR picture is from an European online store (I will not publish the store name with the hope to get more info). The price was listed as EUR 1999 (USD2 860):


The camera looks identical to the Sony α900:


Is the α850 picture fake or real? Compare it also to the leaked α850 manual:


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  • NikoDoby

    Didn’t the camera body diagram from the leaked a850 manual look exactly the same as the a900 body? Not sure what this post proves if we already know that IT WILL look like the a900?

    The price is dissappointing 8^( But EUR2000 price would lead to confusion as people were hoping for $2000US.

    • The diagram was not clear enough for me – I just added it for comparison.

      • NikoDoby

        I guess because I saw the “complete” pdf and not a jpeg of the manual, it looked pretty clear to me :^) But fair enough admin.

        • Ok, I will change the title… you win 🙂

          • NikoDoby

            Wow, I’m married so I’m not use to “winning”
            Thanks admin 8^)

  • T3

    If e consider the $-Euro, this camera can be in USA arround $1999, a excellent price…

    • NikoDoby

      I thought a better price would be $2000US to start with. I doubt Sony (or vendors) will knock $860US dollars off to get the $1999US price. Maybe in a year or two :^(

    • regular

      2000eur will be more like $2700US. Price would a similar to D700’s.

      • Nikoner

        The Nikon D700 can do circles around the alpha 850 or even 900, I can’t imagine them pricing it the same as the D700, particularly with all the discounts and rebates going for the D700. Just a thought

        • dyna

          You’re out of your mind. The D700 and the A900/A850 are two completely different cameras made for two completely different applications. Do you want linear resolution or high iso capability? You can’t have both my friend and, without going to a Leica S2 or medium format, you can’t have higher resolution in a 35mm DSLR body than the A900. Not even the D3x and that’s a SECOND gen sensor from the A900’s.

          Color accuracy, saturation, edge definition and contrast characteristics are the hallmarks of the A900, all places where the D700 falls short, at least without the help of Capture NX2. The A900 cannot in any way compete with the clean high ISO capability of the D700… but that is a far more niche feature than the reviewers/bloggers/lameass and uninformed pixel peepers would wish you to think.

          I own both Nikon and Sony gear and I can tell you from personal experience that neither is better than the other. They merely serve different purposes. You couldn’t possibly coerce me to spend $8k on a D3x, Expeed or no, when I can have the A900, which is 95% the same camera (and 99% the features I need) for $5k less. I know when to use the D700 and I know when to use the A900. Neither company crosses the same barrier.

          People shopping for their DSLRs at that price point will know better or they will learn better. I would never pit the D700 in a head to head print competition against my A900 at lower ISOs, as it would get destroyed… and I’d never use my A900 in a deeplit concert setting… without my trusty nik Dfine 2.0 plug-in.

          Brand fanaticism is ever so lame. Nobody’s line is the best. People need to let go and get over themselves and be happy with the crap they purchased.

  • Michal

    Beauty is in the eye of beholder but I really don’t like Sony DSLR styling, this camera is pretty ugly.

    • Sky

      Camera was never suppose to look like a puppy – it should work great for the money you pay 😉

  • jay

    great price… but sony needs to steal some nikon engineers and fix their noise problems.

    • me

      Like what nikon has been done stealing some sony engineers to build their sensors 😀

      • jay

        actually I thought nikon used sony’s sensors but modified them for better noise…… Anyways might point stands.

  • T3

    I have doubt about this price…
    I think the a850 will come for $1899 and with the kit lens no more that $2199…

  • Dan

    I wonder if the Sony 28-75/2.8 will be the same as Tamron’s 28-75/2.8.
    Size wise it looks comparable though it’s odd since Sony has the Zeiss 24-70 2.8 already?

    Also, doesn’t the A900 already sell at 2,700USD?
    Why sell a lower numbered model at the same price?
    It’s not like the A900 is as old as the E-3.
    Perhaps the 2000 Euros is for the A850+28-75 2.8?

    • Sky

      it’s SAM, so it won’t be copy of Tamron 28-75/2.8, not a chance. Same foctals and light doesn’t mean same lens 😉

    • le_petit_prince

      minolta did make same lens previously and tamron DID also made almost same designed lens.
      I heard that tamron was all behind that lens.
      I wonder if sony do any business tamron behind the consumers.

      • dyna

        All DSLR manufacturers do business with Tamron and Tokina and Sigma behind closed doors. Not one of the DSLR manufacturers make or even design all their lenses. That’s a hard truth the fanatics need to get over. The question should be: does it work? And if it does… who gives a rip who made it in the first place?

        Canon and Tamron go way, way back. Nikon and both Tamron AND Tokina (especially Tokina) go way, way back. Pentax USED to partner with Tamron… now they’re a subsidiary of Tokina’s parent company LOL and Sony? Sony OWNS a piece of Tamron.

        Sure it’s interesting but, seriously, if it works, who’s going to complain? The Nikon guys would DIE if they knew who occasionally made their ever so precious ED glass. Ditto Canon and their L elements. Again: brand fanaticism needs to die a flaming kamikaze death. This weird fixation concerning camera brands and machismo is ridiculous.

        • Sky

          hehe, wise words here 🙂
          All in all – some time soon we’ll be able to see schema of new lenses and judge by ourselves 🙂

  • brett

    When is Sony going to come out with an official announcement about the a850? September sometime? Or US availability timeframe??

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