Samsung NX300M camera listed on several websites online

A new filing for a Samsung NX300M camera appeared at the Taiwanese National Communications Commission (NCC) website. I am not sure what the M stands for - it could just be another limited edition kit of the regular NX300 model. Few weeks ago there was also a NX300M listing at one of Samsung's websites:


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  • Phil
    • PhotoRumors

      Could be – I did include this link in my post.

      • MdB

        I don’t think they need to register different ‘bundles’ for the same produce with the ‘FCC’ type organisations. It suggests an ‘updated’ model.

  • Marco –

    Could be an update. The only things missing from nx300 are a decent buffer for raw continuous shooting and an optional evf with high res and good dr. Let’s see if samsung adds those or if they just make some minor modifications.

  • phosgene

    Sorry to be a tool, but “several websites online”? Where else does one find websites?

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