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What else is new? (NAB 2014 edition)

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→ New cameras from Blackmagic: URSA – a new modular cinema camera with a swappable sensor (priced from $5,995) and a new 4k Studio Camera (price: $2,995.00). → Two new Tokina lenses from their Cinema ATX line: Tokina Cinema ATX 11-16mm T3.0 (price: $1,899.00) and Tokina Cinema ATX 16-28mm T3.0 (price: $4,499.00). → The new RED Scarlet Dragon camera can […]

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New Tokina AT-X PRO 24-70mm f/2.8 SD (IF) FX lens spotted at CP+

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This is the new full-frame Tokina AT-X PRO SD 24-70mm f/2.8 (IF) FX lens that will be announced at Photokina later this year. The new lens was on display at the CP+ show in Japan

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Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX II lens coming for Sony A-mount

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On November 21 Tokina will officially announce the Sony α-mount version of their AT-X 116 PRO DX lens that is already available for Nikon and Canon mounts. The technical specifications of the lens can be found here.

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What else is new?

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Phase One released Capture One v.7.1.4 ($299.95). TrueSense Imaging (ex-Kodak) announced 4K Micro Four Thirds sized CMOS sensor. Ilford Imaging Switzerland (the inkjet paper company) plans to rise from financial trouble. New Nauticam underwater housing for Sony NEX-5T camera. Tokina announced a new 16-28 T3.0mm cinema lens in Japan.

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The latest patents from Tokina, Olympus and Konica Minolta

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Tokina filed a patent for a 70-200mm f/4 full frame lens. This is most likely the AT-X 70-200mm f/4 PRO FX VCM-S lens that was displayed during the 2013 Photokina show but was never officially released.   Olympus filed patents for two M.Zuiko macro lenses for Micro Four Thirds: 70mm f/2.8 (left) and 100mm f/4.5 (right). […]

Olympus 15mm f:2 pancake lens patent
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Many US camera and lens rebate programs will expire this weekend

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The Nikon rebates will be renewed next month, but many of the high-end lenses will not be included (end June 29th). The current Fujifilm rebates will not be extended (end June 29th). Those Canon savings will expire on July 6th. Sony’s offers are valid till June 29th. Tamron lens savings are set to expire on June 30th. […]

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New Tokina rebates starting today

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Today Tokina introduced new mail-in rebates for some of their lenses: AT-X 100mm Macro: $30 rebate AT-X 10-17mm AF DX Fisheye: $40.00 rebate AT-X 10-17mm AF DX Fisheye NH: $40.00 rebate AT-X 16-28mm PRO FX: $50.00 rebate AT-X 17-35mm PRO FX: $40.00 rebate AT-X 11-16mm PRO DX-II: $40.00 rebate

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