Win a Canon PowerShot S95 book

What can I win?

In this giveaway you can win the book Photyographer's Guide to the Canon PowerShot S95 from White Knight Press. Please check out this excerpt, or the table of contents to get an idea of what the book looks like. The same publisher also has published guides for the Panasonic LX5 and Leica D-Lux 5 cameras.

How do I win?

The rules are simple: just leave a comment to this blog post. This giveaway will be closed in one week.

The best part?

This giveaway is open to anyone and is not restricted to US residents only, everyone is welcomed to participate.

Good luck!

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  • Tino

    free stuff?! my favorite

  • Abraham Jr Garcia

    S95. . .my favorite P&S camera on my list! After getting the book. . .next the camera. Thanks Photo Rumors! =)

  • Sweet been wanting to try that camera for a while now.

  • I recently purchased this nice little gem which is quite compact and has the power of any of the SLR Digital Rebel cameras. I love the fact that you can put this camera in your pocket and not look like a nerd with a big SLR hanging around your neck while on vacation. I would highly recommend this camera for the person looking at still shooting raw but in a compact form factor.

    This book would be a great addition so that I can fully utilize the features that are available.

  • roger

    Would love a S95 book to go with my S95!

  • Dave

    Would love to win this book

  • Alex Leal

    I hope I win!

  • Sharon

    Had many of the G series Canon’s, including the G12 I purchased a few months ago. But after going on vacation for a week and having the G12 not fit in my pocket, I decided to purchase the S95 and sell the G12. I have loved the G series cameras, but found I wasn’t always taking it with me due to it’s size. Went away for the weekend with my new S95 and took tons of photos – it was quick and easy to use and always with me. Bought a Lowepro case that hangs off of my purse strap so it’s always easy to reach for. Would LOVE to win the book and learn more about the S95!

  • Tim van der Weiden

    Flower Powershot (:

  • Count me in 😀

  • cronus yuen wai


  • Frank

    Pleeeaaaassse, give it to me. 😀

    Thanks for all the work you are doing here … *top*

  • Adrian G

    Best compact point & shoot on the market! love it

  • Jochen M

    Great little camera that I use very often … would be great to have this book to show you some tricks for better use. Thank you, Jochen from Germany

  • SSingh

    Great camera to have…and the book for those tricks…great photos should not be too far!!!

  • Paul Lim

    cool book!

  • Brandon

    Giveaways! My dad needs this book, lol.

  • James

    A terrific little camera for enthusiasts.

  • Ric Spiegel

    I’ll never compose like Jacques.
    Or shoot like the great Henri.
    My S95 is ready…
    But alas, I’m far from Paris!

  • Stiffler

    This book might come in handy, since Canon doesn’t include a paper manual with the camera.

  • Spider

    Must be a great read,
    if you have the need!

  • Grace

    Got the camera, never used it to the fullest, book comes to the reesscue

  • The book would definitely go well with my S95 – one of the best pieces of equipment I possess.

  • Katelin

    I definitely would like to have this book 😀

  • Fudschi

    i would also like to win = )

  • Paulo

    My wish was fulfilled: got a gorgeous S95, but I really don’t know how to use it to it’s fullest!

  • Eric Bennett

    Great camera. Book looks like the ideal companion.

  • Wessel

    I bought a S95 for my wife a few months ago and we used it a lot during our recent holiday at the Garda lake in Italy. Would love to get an even better understanding of the possibilities of this little wonder with the book!

  • I just got the camera a few weeks ago. It really is a nice lil camera. I have gotten many great shots and so much control, I honestly wish I could put it into a SLR body with hot-swap capability, this would be cool. I like pimping the camera out. It is well worth the money and more.

  • Ralph Meliso

    I love my S95 and this book looks like a great companion.

  • Enrico

    Just bought the Canon S95 … So I would love to win this book 🙂 🙂 🙂

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