The Reflex manual film SLR camera Kickstarter project is now dead

A quick update on my post from 2 weeks ago - the Reflex manual film SLR camera that raised over $180k on Kickstarter back in 2017 is now dead  - here are the details:

"Founder Laurence Von Thomas told a public meeting held on Zoom on Wednesday (18 August) that the problems the project encountered had left the camera about 80% complete, but unable to continue further.

Von Thomas told the meeting, which had been called by backers wanting an update on the project, that the project’s lengthening lead time had swallowed up most of the cash raised and there was now too little to proceed without further investment.

He said the project had effectively ground to a halt in November after the last failed attempt to get an investor on board, though there had been some intermittent work toward building a pre-production model since then." (via Kosmofoto)