More Hasselblad X2D medium format camera rumors and leaks

The previously reported rumors about a new Hasselblad X2D medium format camera were recently confirmed by a Hasselblad rep in France:

Google translation:

She gave information on the upcoming release of the X2D. It will therefore be a 100 Mpx, with an adjustable screen and a better Live View. The photos published on the web are correct. In particular, the crown of program choices is replaced by a small screen displaying all the shooting parameters. It is likely (she did not want to say much...) that the AF is better, and that an IBIS stabilization is present.

Three lenses will be released at the same time, including the 38 mm. They should be provided with a diaphragm ring and a speed ring. To the question of the strange scale of depth of field which does not lead to anything, she confirmed that the photos published were correct, and encourages us to wait a little...

A price was launched at random, 8000 euros. The release is imminent (summer?).

Finally, Capture One and Phase One being now two separate entities, it is not excluded that C1 will one day open Blad files. The two companies are in contact on this subject (Chassimages)