Sneak peek at Nik’s new HDR software

I mentioned that last week - here is the sneak peak video of the new HDR software from NIK:

Nik Software HDR Tool Sneak Preview from minus kronor on Vimeo.

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  • This video makes me feel dumber after watching it. (Not in a good way.) Sadly, the tool also dumbs down HDR to an every-day level for anyone with a camera to attempt (and over use).

    Several of my award winning competition prints are HDR processed images done greatly by hand. With a tool like this, it would clearly make it easier to do but would also make it so every IWAC starts to use it on things that should not be HDR.

    • Doug

      Wow Jason……………..with all your “award-winning prints” , how do you find the time to comment on blogs. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a more pompous post in my life. Remember, at one point in your “illustrious” career you were nothing more than an Idiot With A Camera.

  • crap

    as long as HDR shots are proceeded to retrieve the lost shadow & light detail due to insuffisant sensor lattitude, & as long as they look real, its fine. But the processed pictures just look like popular crap, that’s why lots of people like them. It’s like fast food or horrible oil reproductions, the crowd like to eat crap, to listen to crap & to look like crap.

    • that’s why the crowd likes to use zoom lenses. cuz they’re crap.

  • xyz

    @crap. 🙂 nice summary. many people seem to like short time sensation…
    the next sing is.. that on agressively tone mapped pictures you only look at the colour and the contrast doesn´t matter anymore whtas really on that picture (composition, the atmosphere..)

    I also like the enhancement of the dynamic range of the image “without ” destroying its original colours.

    • crap

      You are right, but I already think that this point has come, the subject or compo doesnt matter anymore, as long as it looks like hyper-popular junk.

  • BG

    What is the release date?

  • I read Jason’s comment and now I never want to see another HDR shot ever again.

    I’m with Doug. DBAA Jason.

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