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4-29% price increase for OM System/Olympus products in Japan

OM System/Olympus announced a 4-29% price increase in Japan (starting on July 1, 2022). The price increase includes the OM-1, E-M10 Mark IV cameras, and several lenses:

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Panasonic has no plans to increase the prices of their cameras and lenses

After almost all photo companies announced price increases this year (Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica, TTartisan, Tokina, and Zeiss), Panasonic just reported that they will not raise the prices of their MFT and L-mount products :

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Canon RF lenses price increase in Japan on April 7

The Japanese website Asobinet reports that another price increase on Canon RF lenses will be coming to Japan on April 7: I believe this is the same price increase I reported a month ago:

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3% to 31% Sony price increase coming on April 1st in Japan

Sony will have a 3% to 31% price increase coming on April 1st. For now, the price increase is only in Japan, but I think it will later propagate to the rest of the world. Many companies including Nikon, Canon, Leica, TTartisan, Tokina, Zeiss, and Capture One already had price increases for their products.

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Canon RF lens price increase in Japan

Many companies including Nikon, Leica, TTartisan, Tokina, and Zeiss already had price increases for their products. Canon USA also announced its price increase last month. Today Canon Japan introduced a price increase on Canon RF lens – here are the details:

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Tokina and Zeiss lenses price increases in Japan

Kenko Tokina announced new price increases on Tokina and Zeiss lenses in Japan (Kenko Tokina is a Zeiss distributor for Japan). My assumption is that similar price increases will be implemented also in other countries. The list of Tokina lenses with a price increase can be found here and the Zeiss price increase is available […]

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Act now: TTartisan price increase on two popular lenses coming in two days (90mm f/1.25 and 28mm f/5.6)

TTartisan will increase the prices on two popular lenses – you have two days left to buy at the old prices from the official TTartisan online store that offers also international shipping: TTartisan 90mm f/1.25 lens for E/Z/R/L/GFX/X1D mounts TTartisan M 28mm f/5.6 lens for Leica M-mount   Additional information on the two lenses:

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Canon USA lens price increase

Canon USA has increased the price of the following RF and EF lenses (this is the second Canon price increase in five months):

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