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2016 BCN awards in Japan: Canon wins in almost all categories

The 2016 BCN awards for the Japanese market are out (BCN collects sales data from approximately 2/3 of all Japanese retail stores). Canon still has a major market share in almost all categories (even in mirrorless – now at the #2 spot after pushing Sony to #3). Olympus is the #1 mirrorless camera, while Fuji never made […]

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Amazon’s best selling cameras, latest BCN sales ranking and CIPA report

It seems that every few months we have to go over this: a new camera making it to the #1 spot in the best selling mirrorless camera list right after being announced indicates… absolutely nothing. It just means that Amazon sold more Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II cameras than Sony a6000 cameras for a day or two. […]

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March 2016 CIPA reports are out

CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association in Japan) published their March 2016 report (list of all participating companies). Camera shipments are slightly up compared to previous months (orange: 2016, black: 2015, blue: 2014 click for larger view):

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2016 BCN camera rankings are out

The 2016 BCN camera rankings are out. Here are the top manufacturers in each category: Compact cameras: Canon DSLR: Canon Mirrorlesss: Olympus Video cameras: Panasonic Lenses: Canon Please note that BCN Ranking collects sales data from approximately 2/3 of all Japanese retail stores. Here are the complete rankings:

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Canon dominates the BCN camera rankings in Japan for July, 2015 (followed by Nikon)

BCN Ranking published their top 10 lists of best selling compact and interchangeable lens cameras in Japan for the month of July, 2015. Canon dominates both charts with a total of 11 models, followed by Nikon with 3 and Olympus, Casio, Sony each with 2 cameras in the charts. The DSLR vs. mirrorless ratio was […]

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Best selling cameras in Japan for 2013 and the future of the industry according to one financial analyst

BCNRanking published their 2013 rankings the for the best selling DSLR and mirrorless cameras in Japan:

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Top 10 best selling mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras in Japan

Rank Manufacturer Model Sensor size Share of sales (%) 1 Olympus E-PL3 MFT 10.6 2 Sony NEX-5N APS-C 10.3 3 Canon EOS M APS-C 9.2 4 Olympus E-PM1 MFT 9.1 5 Panasonic GF5 MFT 8.9 6 Nikon J1 1″ sensor 8.3 7 Pentax Ricoh Q 1/2.3″ sensor 5.9 8 Sony NEX-F3 APS-C 5.4 9 Sony […]

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