This is the new Ricoh WG-50 waterproof camera

The first pictures of the previously rumored Ricoh WG-50 waterproof compact camera leaked online today:

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Sony a9 starts shipping this week and Adorama is giving one camera away

The new Sony a9 mirrorless full frame camera will start shipping this week (May 25th) and Adorama will completely refund one lucky buyer - in order to qualify the pre-order has to be placed before May 25th:

"Pre-order the A9 prior to May 25th and one lucky customer will get a full refund of the purchase price"

At that point, it's probably worth placing a pre-order just to see if you will win and then cancel it - orders placed today will probably ship 1-2 months later and your credit card will not be charged:

Adorama also offers up to 70% credit towards the purchase of a new Sony a9 when you trade in your used camera equipment.

Sony a9 accessories can be found here.

Check out also Dpreview's take on the Sony a9 camera: "This sensor was likely optimized for speed at the expense of dynamic range".

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What else is new?

This week’s recap from the rumors and addicts blogs:

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New Olympus mirrorless camera on the horizon

A new Olympus mirrorless camera (code name IM006) was registered with the government communication agencies in Taiwan and Russia. The new model will use the BLS-50 battery and BCS-5 charger. Three different configurations will be available: body only, EZ lens kit and double zoom kit. Based on the battery model, there are three different possibilities here:

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The Polaroid brand has new owners

PLR IP Holdings, LLC, the owner of the Polaroid brand and related intellectual property, has been acquired by a group of investors led by the Smolokowski family. The new owners acquired 100% of the shares, effective May 5, 2017, from the Pohlad family, Gordon Brothers, Hilco Global and others.

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Is there another Fuji SQ Instax camera coming?

The new Fuji Instax SQ10 square format hybrid camera was announced last month and is expected to start shipping tomorrow. As FujiAddict already reported, the new SQ10 is different and not necessarily better:

"The Instax SQ10 design isn’t a hybrid analog+digital design, but rather a point and shoot digital camera+Instax Square printer, which reduces the size of the lens needed since the film isn’t being exposed directly. This arguably makes Instax Square an inferior format to Instax Mini or Wide at this time, since you are printing camera phone images with a printer, compared to exposing a large piece of modern instant film."

If you remember our coverage in the months before the SQ10 announcement, there was a leaked picture of another Fuji SQ camera that has not been announced so far:

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The latest Canon rumors (Canon full frame mirrorless camera)

The most interesting Canon rumor is about a new full frame mirrorless camera:

  • The goal is to announce a full frame mirrorless camera for Photokina 2018 which takes place in September of that year.
  • EF mount will be native
  • New exclusive image sensor for the camera.
  • New sensor technology required for the EF mount in a mirrorless application
  • There will be no new “dedicated” lenses, but mirrorless will be “considered in all future EF lens design”
  • 4K video is considered a necessary feature in all full frame cameras going forward
  • One full frame mirrorless camera body to start
  • There is testing at Canon of a more hybrid approach between DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. What that looks like we don’t know. (source)

Canon is also rumored to be working on a new EF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM lens.

Canon recently discontinued three EF lenses - this could indicate a possible replacement:

The Canon classic camera design concept pictured above is by David Riesenberg.

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