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Samsung “aiming” to make a 600MP image sensor

From Samsung: Aiming for 600Mp for All To date, the major applications for image sensors have been in the smartphones field, but this is expected to expand soon into other rapidly-emerging fields such as autonomous vehicles, IoT and drones. Samsung is proud to have been leading the small-pixel, high-resolution sensor trend that will continue through […]

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Samsung rumored to starts a US$100 billion sensor development project

From Digitimes: “Samsung Electronics is reportedly set to implement a US$100 billion sensor development project seeking to tap the lucrative worldwide sensor market”. More sensor rumors:

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Samsung announced the industry-first 108MP sensor for smartphones

Samsung announced the industry-first 108MP sensor for smartphones. This would be an apropriate time to show again this CIPA graph (digital cameras vs. smartphones): Here is the full press release on the new 108MP mobile sensor from Samsung:

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Debunking fake news: the sensor inside the Fuji X-T3 is made by Sony, not by Samsung

The new 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS sensor inside the new Fuji X-T3 camera is made by Sony and not by Samsung as some websites have wrongly reported (see this post). This information is coming from Theo Georgiades, Managing Director of Fujifilm UK in a recent interview with PGN:

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If you believe the Internet, Samsung is now also making sensors for Fuji/Pentax/Ricoh

In addition to making full frame sensors for Panasonic (?) and coming back with their own new mirrorless camera (?), Samsung is apparently now also making APS-C sensors for… Fujifilm and also Ricoh/Pentax… The source? A random comment made by somebody on a  forum. Then another forum referenced the first forum, then another website quoted two sources, then a desperate […]

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No, Samsung is not going to resurrect their NX mirrorless cameras

I asked some of my Samsung sources about the recently “rumored” comeback of the NX mirrorless camera line and they all laughed… Samsung is not getting back in the camera business just like Nikon did not buy Samsung’s camera business and many other fake news stories made up over the years (see also Sony buying Nikon […]

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Two years later: Samsung is done with digital cameras

Samsung is done with digital cameras – this report comes from a Samsung official who spoke on condition of anonymity: “We no longer produce and sell digital cameras. But we will create a new camera product category to continue the business.” In the past two years, there have been multiple reports that Samsung is done […]

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