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The Light L16 camera update (actually 16 cameras in one)

The Light L16 project started back in 2015. The L16 camera consists of 16 multi-aperture computational cameras in one small compact package. The preliminary specifications can be found here. Here is the final design of the camera that is expected to start shipping to existing pre-orders in July (the camera will become available for purchase again in late-2017):

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New server and HTTPS for PhotoRumors

In the past week I have been busy upgrading PhotoRumors to a new server at HostDuplex. The old server could no longer handle the increased traffic. You also probably already noticed that PhotoRumors is now a “secure” website (HTTPS) which is the industry’s standard. A lot of other changes were also introduced on the back end […]

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STC Optics announced the rumored 6-stop ND clip filter

A few days ago I reported that STC Optics will introduce a new in-body ND filter. The STC ND64 IR-Cut clip filter is now officially announced. The price is $80.56, shipping will start in mid-April. Additional information:

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New: in-body clip-on ND filter and light pollution cut filter

STC Optics, the company that makes the light pollution clip-on filter for DSLR cameras will soon also introduce a new in-body ND filter that will work on the same principle (clip-on filter directly on the sensor). This could be a cheaper solution for photographers who use ND filters frequently – you can use the clip-on filter with […]

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Camera production graph (1933-2016) compared to smartphones

This graph will give you an idea of why smartphones are killing the camera industry (based on CIPA data):

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What else is new? (part 1)

This week’s recap from the rumors and addicts blogs:

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The state of the camera industry infographic

Here is a new infographic on the state of camera industry based on the latest data from CIPA:

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