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Hoya announced a new lineup of HD3 filters

Hoya (Kenko Tokina) announced a new lineup of HD3 professional photography filters that are “4X stronger than standard optical glass and the antireflective coatings are 800% harder than previous generations while offering a stunning 99.7% light transmission rate”. For the pricing and availability of the different models and sizes, check this product listings. Additional information:

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This week’s recap

Here are some interesting stories from last week: New Eneloops rechargeable batteries keep their charge for over 5 years. Check out also this post about the best AA batteries for photography. Apple’s iPhone 4S has a Sony sensor. Sony’s CEO was right and so was the Apple employee who published a picture taken with the new iPhone 4s on flickr before […]

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Open letter from Hoya to valued Pentax customers and partners

This just in: July 1, 2011 Dear Valued PENTAX Customers and Partners, We would like to hereby inform you that we, HOYA Corporation, have made an agreement regarding the business transfer of our PENTAX Imaging System Business to RICOH Corporation today, July 1, 2011. The effective date of the business transfer is set for October […]

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Hoya & Kodak updates

Hoya announced their results for the financial year ending on March 31, 2011 “Revenues from continuing operations grew 2.7% over the previous fiscal year, to 413,349 million yen and profit before tax was up 26.2% to 63,758 million yen, mainly due to an increase in orders with the recovery in the market.” “Optics business did well this year […]

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New patents from Fuji, Canon and Hoya

FujiFilm filed a patent in Japan for a three layer image sensor with improved color reproduction and high sensitivity. In a recent Q&A session FujiFilm acknowledged that the sensor in the X100 is their own creation. The latest DxOMark test showed that the Fuji X100 sensor outperforms most of the DSLR cameras on the market today: Pentax K7, K-x […]

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Quick links

Samsung shows a flexible 3D OLED panel: Sony develops “Hybrid FPA”, a novel liquid crystal alignment technique that achieves faster response time for liquid crystal displays: RED Scarlet S35 is now called EPIC Light. Of course features and price are changed as well. Canon 5D Mark II and 7D get locking mode dial upgrade option:

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Hoya Corp. filed a patent for a water-resistant, interchangeable lens camera

Hoya filed a patent back in 2007 of what appears to be a water-resistant interchangeable lens camera: The full patent 7756405 can be found here: “Field of the invention: The present invention relates to an interchangeable lens which is selectively mountable to a packing-compatible camera body and a packing-incompatible camera body, and also relates to a camera system which […]

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