Hoya announced a new lineup of HD3 filters

Hoya HD3 filters
Hoya (Kenko Tokina) announced a new lineup of HD3 professional photography filters that are "4X stronger than standard optical glass and the antireflective coatings are 800% harder than previous generations while offering a stunning 99.7% light transmission rate". For the pricing and availability of the different models and sizes, check this product listings. Additional information:

Huntington Beach, CA – August 18, 2015 – Kenko Tokina USA, Inc. is proud to introduce the new Hoya HD3 series of professional photographic filters. The HD3 UV and Circular Polarizer filters give photographers the ability to capture high-quality images in extreme settings without loss of color balance, contrast, or clarity due to adverse environmental conditions. Additionally, the new filters’ light-weight and rugged design means no scratches, stains or damage to the front of the lens. The Hoya HD3 filters are 4X stronger than standard optical glass and the antireflective coatings are 800% harder than previous generations while offering a stunning 99.7% light transmission rate.

Hoya announced a new lineup of HD3 filters
Professionals Agree: Hoya HD3 Filters Are the Amazing

Professional photographers are raving about the optical quality of their pictures using the new Hoya HD3 filters. Award-winning photographer Hudson Henry found the new filters vital for a recent European photo shoot.

“The UV filters are amazing. I leave it on while shooting sunburst photos without seeing any noticeable degradation,” says Hudson Henry. “These UV filters are like perfectly clear armor. It’s especially handy for conditions with dust, crowds of people, salt spray, and sweat.”

Extreme photographer Stan Moniz, a longtime Hoya user, raved about the new filter series.

“These filters are so durable and so easy to clean, it allows you to do things other photographers haven’t done and get images that haven’t been captured before,” says Stan Moniz. “These filters are the bomb to use. I can’t understand why a professional photographer wouldn’t always have these on them.”

The HD3 Series of Filters

The new HD3 series of filters consists of a UV and Circular Polarizer in common sizes ranging from 37mm to 82mm. Building on the brand’s reputation for producing the toughest filters on the planet, Hoya engineers have developed a new ultra-hard nano-coating formula in addition to a new process for applying layers of antireflective coating to the HD3 glass. These two factors combine to yield a coating that is 800% harder* than the optical coating on the previous generation of filters.

The HD3 UV professional filter features a new 32-layer proprietary coating system that greatly reduces or eliminates reflections on the surface of the glass and yields a 99.7% light transmission rate. This means the filter has virtually no effect on the color balance, contrast, or clarity of the final image. Additionally, the hardened, antistatic top-layer is water repellent, stain and scratch resistant, and cleans easily when smudges or fingerprints are introduced to the surface.

The optical glass in the new HD3 UV professional filter is made in Japan, using Hoya’s exclusive HD hardened glass that is 4x stronger than normal optical glass (UV only).

The filters in the new HD3 series utilize a lightweight, one-piece**, low-profile aluminum frame to house the glass. This one-piece design allows the filter to maintain perfect parallel alignment to the sensor plane for maximum sharpness, while the low-profile frame eliminates vignetting when used on ultra-wide-angle lenses.

Hoya HD3 filters were developed in conjunction with Kenko Tokina USA, Inc. and intended solely for U.S. distribution.

* 800% harder coating on UV only, the coatings on the Circular Polarizer are 200% harder than previous generation.
** UV only – Circular Polarizer requires two pieces for rotation purposes but maintains a very low-profile design.

To learn more about Hoya’s HD3 UV and Circular Polarizer filters, visit http://HoyaFilter.com/HD3.

Samples - before HD3:

before Hoya HD3 filter
after HD3:

after Hoya HD3 filter

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  • Daryl

    Without seeing these filters and PropeR testing I highly doubt the difference in imaging would be discernible for most images, perhaps a few flare producing situations, perhaps. Hoya does this frequently: we have a better filter, our old filter was excellent but no longer.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      $150 for the 82mm UV HD3… Nikon 82mm: $135… B+W 82mm $80… (Prices from BH website…)

      • Zos Xavius

        Wow that’s expensive for Hoya!

    • johnny

      Filters are highly lucrative products. Manufacturers keep updating their product every few years. IMHO, they are all the same.

      • Daryl

        +1 Not much change. Hoya, once upon a time was a very reasonably priced filter, good enough for most optics. Great filters that fly under the radar try Marumi or Formatt Hitech. For the ND users the Hitech don’t have the IR magenta issues.

  • saywhatuwill

    Do these have the coating that repels water?

  • fjfjjj

    Wow, finally a filter that allows through 1080p.

  • Neopulse

    I usually have a UV filter on my lens when in a place I know there will be sand kicking up or dirt even. For those who need it, I guess this is a worth it. The CPL is pricey as hell though.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    I have some HD protectors and CPLs and, although they do repel water, they are a royal pain to get perfectly clean when they do get dirty. Their coatings are indeed very translucent, as good as Nikon or Canon’s newer coatings. Haven’t yet got any experience regarding their harder glass, and hope to keep it that way, knock on wood. HD2s cost twice as much as early HDs, I guess HD3s will cost trice as much now, not that great a value, but HDs are getting ever harder to find, so I guess Hoya is not making them any more.

  • Paco Ignacio

    Nothing like a good L37c Nikon filter.

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