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Sony released their FY2023 financial results

Sony released their FY2023 consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2024. Here is the information related to the camera business:

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Fujifilm FY2023 financial results: “Revenue and profits soared on strong sales of INSTAX and digital cameras”

Fujifilm released its FY2023 financial results – here are the details for the Imaging Segment:

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Canon Q1 2024 financial reports: “Decline in Imaging sales leads to lower operating profit”

Canon reported a decline in Imaging sales that led to lower operating profit in their latest Q1 financial reports:

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Tamron releases financial results, plans to release 7 new lenses in 2024

Tamron releases their latest Q1 financial results:

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Leica increased sale revenues for the third time in succession, reports record-breaking results

The Leica Camera Group was able to increase its sales revenues in the past financial year 2022/2023 (1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023) once again and achieved new record-breaking results (see previous financial reports here). Sales revenues rose to 485 million euros in comparison with the previous year’s figure (444 million euros) and, with […]

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Sony Q3 financial results released

After Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Tamron, and Panasonic, Sony also released their Q3 financial results. Here are the details on the camera business: Camera sales (still and video cameras): Q1 April to June 2023: 161,874 million yen Q2 July to September 2023: 159,203 million yen Q3 October to December 2023: 188,609 million yen Additional information is […]

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Fujifilm Q3 FY2023 financial results are out: income up by 18.8% (41.7% year-over-year)

After Nikon, Tamron, and Ricoh, Fujifilm also released its Q3 FY2023 financial results:

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Tamron FY2023 financial results are out, 6 new lenses scheduled for 2024

Tamron’s FY2023 financial results are out – here are the details for their Photographic Products (click for larger view):

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