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Kodak reports a net loss of $5 million on revenue of $315 million (up 21%) for third-quarter

Eastman Kodak Company reported their financial results for the third quarter 2019, including a net loss of $5 million on revenues of $315 million and growth in key print and film product areas:

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The latest Fujifilm financial results: revenue down 12.4%, income down 53% (for Imaging business)

We can now add Fujifilm to the list of camera companies that reported really bad financial results:

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In case you missed them: the latest financial results from the major camera manufacturers

In case you missed them – here the latest financial results from the major camera manufacturers:

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Olympus Q2 financial results are out

Olympus Q2 financial results are out. Here are the details for the Imaging Business:

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The latest financial results: Sony camera sales down 3.5%

Sony’s camera sales for Q2 FY2019 are down 3.5% compared to 2018. Unit sales are down as well (source). Panasonic also recently released its latest financial results. Here are the details on the “Appliances Segment” that also includes cameras:

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Canon Q3/2019 financial results for Imaging business: sales down 13.9%, profit down 56.8%

Canon released their Q3/2019 financial results. For the Imaging Business sales are down 13.9% and profit is down 56.8% compared to the same quarter last year (click on tables for larger view):

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Fujifilm’s 1st quarter FY2020 financial results (Imaging Division): revenue down 15.1%, income down 63.2%

Fujifilm published their 1st quarter FY2020 financial results. If you think anyone is safe from the industry turndown, take a look at Fuji’s numbers for the Imaging Division: Revenue: down from 87.9 to 74.6 billion yen (-15.1%) Operating income: (YoY Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2020): from 12.2 to 4.5 billion yen or (-63.2%) See also […]

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