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Adobe reports record revenue (again)

Adobe reported record revenue for its third quarter for the 2017 fiscal year that ended on September 1, 2017 (see also the previous report from June 2017). Here are the financial highlights:

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Fujifilm Q1 financial results: strong Instax and GFX 50S sales

Fujifilm published their Q1 financial results. Here is the recap from FujiAddict:

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Olympus and Panasonic Q1 financial results

Olympus posted their financial results for the first quarter of their fiscal year. Here is the recap from 43addict:

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Sony published their 2017 Q1 financial results: the company controls 45% of the image sensor market

Sony published their 2017 Q1 financial results. A few quotes: The profit surge mainly reflected recovery in image sensors from earthquake damage sustained a year ago, the company said. Sony’s semiconductor division – which includes sensors – posted profit of 55.4 billion yen, a reverse of last year’s loss. But Sony trimmed its full-year sales […]

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Adobe Creative achieved record revenue exceeding $1 billion in Q2

Adobe started significantly increasing their profit back in 2015 when they began switching customers to the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Adobe just reported that their Creative revenue hit a new record and exceeded $1 billion in Q2 (back in December 2016 Adobe also reported record revenue and net income):

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Fujifilm’s latest financial results

Fujifilm published their Revised Consolidated Earnings Forecast for the Fiscal Year Ended March 2017 after the company’s stock took a nose dive because of reported accounting problems: “Although sales in areas such as electronic imaging field of the optical device and electronic imaging business have increased, our sales and operating income has decreased due to […]

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Sony’s presentation to investors

In a recent presentation to investors, Sony provided some additional information on their Imaging Products & Solutions Segment (see the full report “Sony IR Day 2017” here, additional information is available here):

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