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An Olympus full-frame? “HECK no…” (new Olympus interview)

In a recent interview with Imaging Resource, Aki Murata (Vice President Sales and Marketing) from Olympus confirmed that the company has no plans to develop a full-frame camera:

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Is that the upcoming Olympus E-M1X camera?

I received the above three pictures supposedly from the upcoming Olympus E-M1X camera (you can see the rumored specifications here). I don’t want to be negative before the camera is officially announced, but I seriously doubt there will be any market for this high-end MFT model. What do you think?

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The latest patents from Sigma, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus

The latest patents from Sigma, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus:

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Olympus E-M1X camera rumors recap

Olympus E-M1X camera rumors recap:

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Olympus Q2 financial report: revenue down, operating loss posted for Imaging Business

Olympus published their Q2 financial report – here is the relevant info for their Imaging Business:

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The upcoming Olympus IM010 camera could have a built-in vertical grip

An update on the upcoming Olympus IM010 camera that was registered two weeks ago: Nokishita now reports that the new model has passed the FCC certification. The interesting part here are the dimensions of the new Olympus camera: 144.37mm x 146.765mm x 75.345mm That is huge for an MFT camera! The new IM010 model will be significantly larger […]

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Olympus registered new flash, wireless commander and receiver

Today Olympus registered several new products in Taiwan: Electronic flash IM011 Wireless commander IM012 Wireless receiver IM013 Olympus is rumored to make some major announcements in 2019 and the flash and wireless controllers could be part of it. The new Olympus holiday specials will go live this weekend. Via Nokishita

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