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Panasonic to double sensor’s sensitivity with unique “micro color splitters”

Panasonic Japan announced today that they have developed the technology for producing highly sensitive image sensors by using unique “micro color splitters”. Read the attached press release for more details: Left image: conventional method using a color filer, right image: Developed method using a micro color splitter.

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Autofocus full frame rangefinder camera concept

A reader sent me his dream camera concept: an autofocus full frame rangefinder that incorporated features from different Contax, Leica, Sony and Nikon models. The design was entirely done in GIMP. As of today, the Leica M remains the only full frame digital interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, but after the introduction of the RX1 it seems […]

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What else is new?

The SmartDeblur app developed by Vladimir Yuzhikov can “deblur” out of focus images. The 5MP Memeto camera can be attached to your shirt and document everything you see by taking a snapshot every 30 seconds. For more details, check the Memoto Lifelogging Camera project on Kickstarter:

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DxOMark: today’s mobile phone image quality surpasses that of 2007 compact digital cameras

DxOMark will start measuring the camera image quality for cellphones, smartphones and digital tablets. The first test scored will be published in the next few weeks. DxOMark included also a interesting statistics in their press release: “Mobile image quality is now superior to that of 5-year-old compact cameras”:

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Camera concepts

This Samsung NX-S1 concept camera incorporates an Android phone as part of a “smart” camera. Similar camera concept exists for the iPhone.   Instagram Socialmatic camera concept by ARD Studio:

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The megapixels war is over, sensor size war is just starting up

The Verge published a nice video recap from Photokina: the megapixels war is over, sensor size war is just starting up. Some of the new cameras announced at Photokina 2012, like the Nikon D600, Canon 6D, Leica M-E, Sony RX1 show a new trend: many manufacturers are producing smaller and “more affordable” full frame cameras. Several companies […]

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Video: Imaging at a trillion frames per second

Very interesting TED presentation on the  femto-photography camera developed at MIT that can take pictures around corners at one trillion frames per second.

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This 50GP camera will put an end to the megapixel war

Scientists at Duke University spent $25 million to develop the Aware-2 – a 50 gigapixel camera that consists of 100 microcameras, each with a 14MP sensor : “The new camera collects more than 30 times as much picture data as today’s best consumer digital devices. While existing cameras can take photographs that have pixel counts in the tens of […]

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