Autofocus full frame rangefinder camera concept

A reader sent me his dream camera concept: an autofocus full frame rangefinder that incorporated features from different Contax, Leica, Sony and Nikon models. The design was entirely done in GIMP. As of today, the Leica M remains the only full frame digital interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, but after the introduction of the RX1 it seems that Sony will be the next manufacturer to offer something that looks like the concept above.

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  • Peter

    So many buttons and dials… which personally I would prefer not to have.

    There appears to be an Auto stop on the shutter speed dial. Such a thing could eliminate the need for the Mode Dial. A similar approach could be taken for Aperture, maybe with an aperture ring on lenses also with an Auto mode selection? (Yes I do quite like the Fuji X series…). Anyways I don’t see the need for two dials in the back even with the current design – one would probably be sufficient to control aperture and menu options.

    I like the ISO/WB/etc dial – that could be useful.

    Finally, I would like to say what many may be thinking. Why an auto focus range finder? The purpose of the range finder mechanism is to enable manual focussing. Auto focus has come a long way and is done with contrast and phase detection methods – neither requires the rangefinder mechanism..

    Anyways, nice illustration!

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  • Contax G Digital!

  • Why is this even on here? While this is a reader concept (a.k.a. a fake when no rumours around), why couldn’t they just put a RF lens or even a another mirrorless lens on it instead of a SLR lens? ROFL

    I don’t know whether the 12 year old who made this who should be blamed or the PR admin who got excited by it.

  • I am not sure why need to have Contax G-style windows in modern RF camera. I agree with other poster about too many knobs and dials, while I can see that it illiterates menu diving, it can also be a bit too much for a camera that emulates manual camera system. Also, why no aperture ring? Would be safe to assume by mock up, camera would be another focus-by-wire. Also, why bother with PSAM dial on an RF camera? ^_^

    • Right. Better have an ISO dial. Also, the EV compensation is unusable that way. You need some space between the higher and lower speed to allow for compensate in Av. But overall a nice try. Keep On !

  • mythbuster

    Really ugly thing. Nothing to do with Leica or Fuji X Pro. Even Sony RX1 is better than this.

  • Arn

    That’s sooo clever to have two dials, one above the other, so smart !
    (only kidding)

  • Alexis

    I’d love to have a Contax G3 Digital^^ Full Frame Camera…

  • pooh

    The guy must have no idea how poor the finders on Contax G cameras are. And yeah Distagon must be the only type of Zeiss lens he’s ever aware of.

  • In light of the fact that the height of this mock-up is significantly greater than the 72mm filter diameter of the Zeiss lens, may I presume that it is a medium format digital rangefinder and that the 24mm Zeiss lens is thus an ultra ultra wide-angle lens? 😉

  • Concepts I have little interest in unless they are partly substantiated rumours.

  • Sahaja

    I count 5 windows with lenses across the top of the camera – what are they all for?

  • a Zeiss Ikon FF digital is needed

  • Well if Zeiss was to step up….and considering that so much of what is in the illustration is really Contax G2…lets just call it the Zeiss G3. All we need is the focusing wheel and your done. So you get auto and manual focus, just like the G2 body. But as this is not a “rumor” grounded in a pending real camera company…then why is it here ??

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