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DJI Phantom X drone concept

DJI published a new video of their Phantom X drone concept with multi-angle shooting, AI, obstacle avoidance and free-flight object tracking. Via Nofilmschool

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Contax digital camera concept

A reader sent me those renderings of two Contax digital concept cameras. Don’t expect to see them in your local camera store anytime soon. Here is the second camera:

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Autofocus full frame rangefinder camera concept

A reader sent me his dream camera concept: an autofocus full frame rangefinder that incorporated features from different Contax, Leica, Sony and Nikon models. The design was entirely done in GIMP. As of today, the Leica M remains the only full frame digital interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, but after the introduction of the RX1 it seems […]

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What else is new?

The SmartDeblur app developed by Vladimir Yuzhikov can “deblur” out of focus images. The 5MP Memeto camera can be attached to your shirt and document everything you see by taking a snapshot every 30 seconds. For more details, check the Memoto Lifelogging Camera project on Kickstarter:

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Interesting mirrorless camera concept

This Snima Iris mirrorless camera concept is designed by Vladimir Markov. Check out his website form more details. Here are few more images:

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Canon mirrorless camera concept

A reader sent me his concept renderings of a Canon mirrorless camera. I like the idea of the EVF being mounted over the hot shoe. For more images visit davidriesenberg.com. Canon is the last hope for a full frame mirrorless camera, otherwise I think we have to wait few years until the next generation of mirrorless cameras. As […]

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Seven futuristic camera concepts

↑ The Digimo camera concept by Sangik Lee are actually two different units with LCD screens that can be separated and triggered wirelessly.   ↑ The D-CAN camera concept by Jean-Michel Bonnemoy reminds me of the Lytro camera. ↑ The eXcanvas camera by Junyoung Jang can be easily turned into a tripod.

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