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More GoPro Hero 8 black leaks

More leaks of the upcoming GoPro Hero 8 black camera:

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“GoPro Max” trademark filed

The “GoPro Max” trademark is already filed for the upcoming GoPro Max camera (see the leaked pictures). The new model is described as “digital cameras; spherical and immersive photo and video capture cameras; cameras for producing 180, 360 and ultra-wide views; panoramic cameras”.

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GoPro Max camera leaked online

Another GoPro leak for today (see this GoPro Hero 8 post) – a new GoPro Max camera has been registered with the Japanese Ministry of Communications. The new model will be a replacement for the GoPro Fusion 360 (already on closeout with a massive discount). The upcoming camera is already registered with the FCC under the […]

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GoPro Hero 8 camera rumors

GoPro Hero 8 camera

UPDATE – GoPro sent me a cease & desist letter which is based on thin air. Since I don’t have the time and money to fight aggressive corporate lawyers, I will remove the photos, but if you want to see them go to The Verge. Some GoPro Hero 8 camera rumors coming from China:

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New GoPro “SPJB1” wireless video camera registered online

GoPro has registed with the FCC a new wireless video camera under the code name SPJB1:

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The latest financial results: there are no winners in the camera industry

If you are curious about how camera companies are doing financially – the short answer is not good: Nikon – all previous forecasts were slashed. Sony sees unit sales of all major hardware products failing in coming years. Canon: Canon expects its annual operating profit to drop for the first time in three years. Fuji: Instax is doing well, […]

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Canon to partner with GoPro?

CanonRumors ranked the rumors about Canon getting involved with GoPro with a “CR0” rating, which basically means… a joke and I have to agree: GoPro has been in trouble for a while and after Nikon tried and failed with their sport action cameras, I am pretty sure that Canon will not touch this business with a […]

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