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Another new 35mm reusable film point-and-shoot camera announced (this time from Agfa)

After the recent Harman EZ-35 and Ilford Sprite 35-II 35mm reusable film point-and-shoot cameras announcements, Agfa also introduced their own new version called “AGFA Photo Analogue Photo Camera”. Pre-orders are now open at B&H. Here are the prices for comparison: Agfa Photo: $35 Harman EZ-35: $54 Ilford Sprite 35-II: $35 Additional details on the new Agfa camera:

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Agfa Photo brand relaunched in Europe

The French GT Company announced a new license agreement with Agfa Photo Holding GmbH, Germany to relaunch digital cameras and digital photo/video albums in Europe. Here is the complete press release:

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