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Kodak still on track to bring back to life EKTACHROME film

Despite the reported $46 million loss and recent layoffs, Kodak is still on track to bring back to life EKTACHROME film in 2018: “The process is coming along really well,” Kodak says. “We’ve been busy testing and making sure it meets all the expectations that exist in this passionate community.” Kodak is using “all new equipment” on […]

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These are the photographic film packages Fuji is planning to discontinue next year

Here is the full list of photographic film packages Fujifilm is planning to discontinue next year:

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Kodak Ektachrome film coming in 2018 and more film news

→ Thephoblographer reports that Kodak is working to bring back the Ektachrome film to market in 2018.

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Film is not dead: Adox is building a new factory to produce photographic film, paper and chemicals

Adox has begun the construction of a new factory where they will produce photographic film, paper and chemicals (Adox film is available for sale at B&H):

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Bergger announced new Pancro400 film

Another new photographic film is being released: the French company Bergger announced Pancro400 – a new ISO 400 black and white film that will be available in 135mm and 120mm rolls:

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Film Ferrania announced its first product: FERRANIA P30 film in a limited ALPHA edition

Back in 2014 I reported that Film Ferrania is going to start producing film again after they bought the ex-factory of Ferrania Films in Ferrania, Italy. The company now announced the new FERRANIA P30 film in a limited ALPHA edition:

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Kodak to bring back EKTACHROME film

This was just announced: Kodak will bring back the EKTACHROME film in the fourth quarter of 2017. Here is the full press release:

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