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Pentax 645D II specifications and price report from CP+

DC.Watch published another report from the CP+ show in Japan on the specifications and price of the new Pentax 645D II medium format camera:

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What happened to the Pentax 645 system?

The upcoming Ricoh press conference got me thinking about the company’s current line of photo products and I realized that this year they were supposed to announce three new 645 lenses but unless I have missed something, there has been no word on those products. The expected new 645 lenses are: Wide zoom (24-45mm) Standard zoom […]

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New Pentax 645D camera without IR filter announced in Japan

Ricoh Japan announced a new version of the Pentax 645D medium format digital camera that will be produced without the IR filter and will be called Pentax 645D IR. In addition to achieving some interesting photography effects, infrared photography is also used by museums, libraries and in forensic investigations. The company foresee only 100 units to be produced/sold annually. The price of the […]

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Pentax D FA 645 Macro 90mm f/2.8 ED AW SR medium format lens

Pentax announced one macro lens for their 645 medium format cameras. Pentax HD D FA 645 Macro 90mm f/2.8 ED AW SR lens specs (price: $4,499.95): Medium-Length Macro Lens for Pentax 645 Fast f/2.8 Maximum Aperture Quick-Shift Focus System HD and Aero Bright Lens Coatings Weather Resistant Construction

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Pentax working on second generation of the 645D medium format camera

The sensor inside the Pentax 645D camera ($9,995) was initially produced by Kodak, but in 2011 they sold the Image Sensor Solutions (ISS) business to Platinum Equity. The rumor is that those medium format sensors are not longer in production and Pentax is working on a second generation of the 645D camera. It seems that Leica is having […]

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Pentax DA 645 25mm f/4 lens announced again

For some reason Pentax US decided to announce the D FA 645 25mm f/4 lens today. This lens has been listed at B&H since February 7th. Here is the full press release:

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Pentax 645D red limited edition camera now shipping in the US, the Silver K-5 coming soon

  The limited edition Pentax 645D red lacquer camera is now shipping in the US. A limited number of the Silver K-5 cameras will also soon be available on the US market. Here is the unboxing video of the red Pentax 645D camera from Photogizmos:

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Lens roadmap for Pentax 645 and Q mounts

Pentax 645 mount lens roadmap

After the K-mount, Pentax released also the 645 mount roadmap that reveals a new wide (24-45mm), standard (45-90mm) and tele (90-200mm) zoom lenses to be announced in 2013 or later. The Pentax Q mount roadmap shows plans for a new 80-300mm telephoto and 15-35mm wide zooms, a telephoto prime and a mount cap lens (pinhole lens):

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