Lens roadmap for Pentax 645 and Q mounts

Pentax 645 mount lens roadmap

After the K-mount, Pentax released also the 645 mount roadmap that reveals a new wide (24-45mm), standard (45-90mm) and tele (90-200mm) zoom lenses to be announced in 2013 or later.

The Pentax Q mount roadmap shows plans for a new 80-300mm telephoto and 15-35mm wide zooms, a telephoto prime and a mount cap lens (pinhole lens):

Pentax Q mount lens roadmap

Via Pentax forum

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  • I hope they’ll continue development of 645 line and release full-frame version some day

  • Glad to see that they are planning a few more Q lenses.

  • Re-releases?

    Pentax should re-release some of the classic 645 lenses to fill in the gaps. Why list those lenses which are currently out of production?

    • jarda

      Most FA645 are still sold. Since the introduction of 645D they are even available in most european countries. I don’t know about the america yet…

    • Troll of Bifröst

      Because they still have some new stock of those lenses in Japan which they reserve for their countrymen, I believe.

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