Fujifilm X-Pro1 updates

B&H updated their expected availability for the Fuji X-pro 1 to March 20, 2012.

Update: some new X-Pro1 samples were posted by LensTip.

In addition to the many new Fuji X-Pro1 samples, Brandon Remler has uplaoded also several new videos - the first one shows some significant X-Pro1 speed improvements compared to the X100:

Fuji X-Pro1 unboxing video:

And another X-Pro1 video review:

Check also my Fuji X-Pro1 report from CES 2012.

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  • Jon

    What happened to late february???

    • I believe late February was the release date for Japan.

  • Christopher M

    I wonder if that is the availability if you pre-ordered today (and got in line behind everyone else)… or is that the availability for the guy who pre-ordered first?

  • Jon

    That’s what I’m hoping for…

  • Christopher M

    Considering it is supposed to ship in Japan on February 18th, I was hoping for late February as well.

    A Fuji guys video with Henry’s Camera said delivery in March and my local camera store said the Fuji rep said late March.

    I pre-ordered at Adorama within about an hour or two of the pre-order option there become available on Jan 31st, so I hope I am close to first.

  • E

    At that price Fuji could deliver the camera with a nice velvet pocket or something… not with a noisy plastic bag that could be better for chips at movies. Wathever, I’m very interested in this camera, but I think I’ll wait a little, specially want to know the performance with MF M lenses.

  • Kevin

    price drop plzzz~~~~ :D…. + manual focus demo video would be nice 😉

  • I was told by a gentleman at B&H that the date is the day they have been told by Fuji that the cameras would PROBABLY arrive. He went on to say that it is quite possible that they may only get a few pieces at the beginning (he gave the number 10 as an example). They don’t know how many they will get, but he expects that not all pre-orders will be filled in the first allotment.

    So being unsatisfied with the B&H guy’s response I then called Adorama whose salesman said that he would bet that the date on the B&H site was correct. “These things happen whenever we get new product,” he said. “The allotments come in slowly and people get impatient.”

    Don’t hold your breath on this one folks. It almost seems that there is a ten man assembly line in Japan trying to fulfill orders for thousands and thousands of people. They have no machines to help them put our cameras together. Just those ten guys in an airplane hangar with screwdrivers and canned air. We are in it for the long haul. LOL….

    • Christopher M

      Thanks for the info, when I called Adorama to ask about delivery, a guy with a thick Russian accent told me that there were 237 pre-orders. It wasn’t the question I was asking, but it was interesting to see what the level of demand at the pre-order stage was.

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