Pentax K-mount lens roadmap for 2012 and 2013

Pentax k-mount lens roadmap

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Pentax published their K-mount lens roadmap for 2012-2013. Here are the approximate focal lengths of the expected lenses:

  • 50mm DA standard lens (2012)
  • 18-200 DA high magnification zoom lens (2012)
  • 12-28mm DA wide zoom (2013)
  • 24-38mm DA zoom limited lens (2013)
  • 120-380mm DA tele zoom (2013)
  • 18-85mm DA zoom lens (2013)
  • DA AF RC 1.4x teleconverter (2013)
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  • KW

    So I see there will be no new FA lenses… Does that mean that the full frame won’t come to fruition?

  • traveller

    I am really struggling to understand what Pentax are thinking, some of these lenses are very strange focal lengths for 1.5x crop format.

    I don’t want to sound condescending (not being a Pentax user), but Pentax puzzle me. In some regards their lens range is superb, they’ve shown far more commitment to producing some great equivalents to the old favourite full frame focal lengths (unlike the half-arsed attempts of some other manufacturers -hello Canon?). I other respects, they seem to create some bizzare focal lengths and aperture combinations that leave me thinking “what on earth is that lens meant for”.

    For example, the 50mm DA standard lens – this is a great focal length on full frame, but not nearly as useful on APS-C; it’s a bit short for a portrait lens and too long to be ‘normal’. I can understand the use of legacy lenses, or even Canikon/Sony designing new full frame 50s, but why develop one solely for crop? Wouldn’t a 55-60mm focal length have been more useful? They even produce a dedicated APS-C 55mm f/1.4 lens, so this is if anything, a step backwards!

    • Leuf

      I used a 50mm as my primary lens on APS for a long time. Indeed now that I use a D700 I wish there was an equivalent to using a 24-70/2.8 with the crop for FF. I may be in the minority, but if you learned photography using FF lenses on APS bodies you are used to things being the other way around and you like all the focal lengths and ranges that other people are always saying aren’t useful. Lots of people with APS bodies have bought 50mm lenses, because they are cheap, and found them very useful.

      • D.B.

        Pentax actually already has 16-50mm f/2.8 which is 24-75 for crop factor

        • andy

          he wants the reverse, though – a 36-105mm lens.

          • talkomatic

            Pentax actually has this 35-105mm lens for FF.

  • LT

    Know it’s written DA but… looks like FF focal length to me!!! Yay Pentax! Crossing my finger SO hard!

  • Maybe there will be a FF in the near future.. The only FA lenses in production are Limiteds and Macros..

    A 550mm prime would be nice btw. I wont be a DA* so I expect a price around €1100-1200. A 24-38 Limited would be awesome! Very much in the standard range on APS-C. I like both 28mm and 35mm. So if the quality is at least as good as the DA 35 Limited it would be a no brainer!

  • Lio

    Just one comment 24-38mm ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

    • 36-53mm like having a 35mm and 50mm in one lens. short zoom range for maximum quality. perhaps this will be a pancake zoom for the K-01. great street lens.

  • Mike1

    24-38mm, why not? Perfect for the street and full length, 3/4 portrait. If it’s as good as the 31mm limited, it’s the lens for me.

  • Steve

    12-28 will be very welcome. 12 is wide enough for most indoor, landscape, close subject stuff and reaching to 28 means it’ll stay on the camera a lot more. If they could push it to 30 then for sure I’d only need this and the 50-135 for 80% of shots.

  • boris

    Forget DA550 – 2012 year.

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