Pentax K-01 now available for pre-order

The Pentax K-01 is now available for pre-order at B&H.

Here are the Amazon and Adorama listings:

Adorama pre-order options:

Pentax K-01 with DA 40mm f/2.8 XS lens:

Pentax K-01 with 18-55mm and 50-200mm lenses kit:

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  • joe

    wow, the lens is nice (sony can you hear me) but the rest of the camera is really ugly

    • LeGo

      Side-stepping the issue of style, the lack of an EVF is for me the single biggest negative to this camera as a potential user. Holding a dSLR-sized camera at arms length like a point and shoot camera simply does not compute. I simply cannot imagine how a fast long-zoom on this body could be used without an EVF.

      The absence of an articulating screen is still another negative. With an articulating screen, it would at least be possible to face the rear screen upwards and shoot with both arms tucked in to the side. Without such an articulating screen, this camera can only be shot using a P& S stance or be tripod mounted.

      I expect a similar camera from Nikon and Canon (mirrorless, APS-C dSLR sized camera with standard dSLR lens mount) in the near-future but with an EVF and a phase-detect AF built-in with the sensor like the Nikon 1 .

      Too bad for Pentax.

  • AaronL


    Why Pentax Why?

    Go make some lenses for the 645D.

  • Zeusman

    They are going to have a heard time selling these.

  • stepper

    Typical case of bigshot designer going overboard in attempt to be different.

  • No EVF or OVF = no interest.

    • El_Pickerel

      They lost my business when they didn’t offer one in pink! 😛

  • CRB

    HOw slow AF is going to be with old limited lenses..aka, 21mm f3.2…?…thanks….

  • SlowKidsOnTheBlock

    Why would AF be any slower/faster than on a regular dSLR?

    • Harold Ellis

      because it have no dedicated AF module and needs to read sensor to af. no distance info etc.
      but, pentax was never really af king so, maybe it is just as bad as dslr

  • Ugly

    that is one ugly camera..

    • J

      An ugly camera fits your name perfectly, an ugly camera for an ugly person. It just might be your soul mate. 😉

      I like it.

      Why get a canon x1 or what ever when you can get this? It’s superior any high end P&S.

      • ugly

        yes. no matter what you say. it is ugly and very little people will buy it.

        • talkomatic

          I don’t know about it yet. but the so-called ridiculous Pentax Q sold well in many asian countries. and the late colorful Pentax Kr had big big sales, especially for novice users.

  • Inneh

    so in fact this has the size of a DSLR, the weight of a DSLR, an APS sensor, and simply a pancake lens on it to make it look smaller.
    Besides, I have never ever seen such an ugly camera. poor pentax !

  • Looks Matter How

    I could care less what it looks like, as long as it delivers on image quality, that’s really all that matters. I’ve got quite a collection of ugly cameras – RB67, Olympus XA, Lubitel 166U, Mamiya 7. All those cameras are strange looking. But they allow me to create stunning images.

  • Marc has some interesting designs, this camera is not one of them. He should’ve signed up with Fisher Price to design their toys. Seriously, this camera looks like a toy. Granted the engineering behind it is probably decent, but the aesthetics really suck.

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