What would Canon do? (5D Mark III)

The day Nikon announced their D800 monster, Canon came out with "only" three new lenses and some official samples from their top of the line EOS 1Dx camera. Nikon and Canon announcements are always scheduled few days/weeks apart and it seems that all the signs for a new 5D Mark III camera are here, including the mandatory book listing on Amazon with a release date of March 9th, 2012:

The rumored Canon 5D Mark III will have 22MP, 61 points AF, 6.9 fps and will probably be announced on February 28th, 2012. There is some talk that the 5D line may get split in two: 5D X and 5D Mark III.

Photographybay reported about a potential Canon Rebel T4i announcement in late February.

In terms of new Canon lenses, here is a possible roadmap:

  • EF 50 1.8 IS, status “prototype”, has tag “spring 2013″
  • EF 50 2.5 macro was tagged with “to be replaced”
  • EF 200 2.8 L IS macro is tagged with “testing”, “patents pending”, and “autumn 2013″
  • EF 24-70 2.8 L II tagged “final”, “winter 2011″
  • EF 100-400 4-5.6 L IS tagged “final”, “autumn 2012″
  • EF 35 1.4 L II tagged “prototype”, “winter 2012″
  • EF 60 L IS lens tagged “prototype”
  • EF-S 20-65 IS
  • EF-S 45-105 IS status “development”
  • EF-S 55-70 IS “testing”
  • EF-S 70-400 IS “prototype”
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  • snapsL

    22mp, 61pt af, 6.9fps
    seems like canon delivers the real successor of the D700

    • Dummy00002

      Exactly. And Nikon delivers the successor of the 5DII

      • snapsL

        nah – nikon delivers the successor of the D3x

        all the 5Dmk2 shooters wanted was a better AF, more rugged body, and a little more fps
        and now here it comes!
        good job canon

    • lolly

      If this Canon rumor (5DMarkIII) is real then Nikon has no choice but to release an FX D400 to compete since D800 is already announced … it may be called D900 or Dx000 but it’s very unlikely.

  • EE

    I *wont buy a 24mp 5Diii.
    I *would buy a 36mp or greater FF canon camera.

    Either must also be without AA filter.

    • Dummy00002

      Not gonna happen.

      • EE

        Canon is really resting on its laurels, then. Truly, I can not wait for images of the D800E and Canon 5dmkiii to be compared.

        Canon already knows the outcome there–Canon now must create a new camera to compete, look for it in 2013… I must say, the 5Diii specs are very “ho-hum” ….

        • Mark

          Canon specs look spot on to me. I don’t want pixel sizes in a full frame camera that compare to 16MP on an APS-C (36MP FF).

    • Do you really know what you’re talking about when you say you don’t want an AA filter? I don’t think you do… either that or you have some really low quality lenses.

      Looking at AA-filterless Bayer images up close is like chewing on broken glass.

      • Troll of Bifröst

        Not so on medium format digital backs.

        • I don’t know what MFD backs you have experience with but most of the time you don’t see optical resolutions of 110-200 lines/mm covering image circles that are 52-67mm in diameter. So diffraction and optical aberrations perform the role of AA filters.

          And when was the last time your buried your face in a high resolution DMF raw file that was shot with a sharp lens below the diffraction limit?

          Also, if you take a moment to understand how Bayer sensors and raw conversion work, you’ll see that AA filters don’t necessarily reduce resolution. They only do so when they’re stronger than they should be.

  • Inqo-M.

    I think trhe is a 32mp sensor, not 22mp we dont 28 february.

  • BklynPigeon

    i could care less. just another camera…

  • blueget

    If anyone wonders why exactly 22 MP: Video. With 22 MP, you can take exactly 3×3 Pixels of the sensor for one Pixel in Full HD Video, the next “sweet spot” (4×4 downsampling) would be 39 MP.

    If the specs are all true (and the price isnt too high) that cam looks like a winner for me – good AF, not too much Megapixels (=>no monster RAWs), very decent framerate (more than most will ever need)

    • ?????


      • “Full HD” will involve some cropping because the 3:2 ratio of still sensors are taller for the same width.


        1920*3 = 5760 wide

        Width, following the 3:2 aspect ratio is:
        5760/(3/2) = 3840 tall

        So the total MPs is: 5760*3840 = 22118400 pixels = 22.1MP approx.

        So a “Full HD” image image will be made from a 3×3 down-sample of a 5760×3240 crop from the above sensor.

        • Argh… sorry… ignore my use of the words “wide”, “width” and “tall”… just go with the numbers :\

      • Bob Howland

        1920*1440*3*3 = 11,118,400

        However, a 3*3 subsample doesn’t work with a pure Bayer matrix. The subsample has to be 2*2, 4*4, 6*6,… or you end up with a different group of RGB pixels for each subsample.

        • Bob Howland

          Correction: 1920*1440*3*3 = 22,118,400

        • blueget

          Hm…. I don’t know how video is/will be implemented, would it be possible to demosaic first and then sample down? Or would this require too much computing power?

        • fred

          Nobody’s saying the downsampling replaces proper Bayer demosaicing. But a properly demosaiced image downsampled 3×3 will be less artifacted than a non-integer downsampling.

  • ano102

    until now, nikon and canon have invested many effort to develop products without being in conflicting product line. most of time, their products are not in exact opposition
    the d7000 and it predesor was betwenn the 5oD 60D and 7D
    the 5DII was the master for video but the d700 outperformed the 5DII in lowlight due to its moderate resolution
    etc etc
    so it is not surprising that the d800 seems to be the lachink 5dIII
    and the 5DIII the successor of the d700 …

    • “d700 outperformed the 5DII in lowlight ”

      Only jellyfish and dpreview-readers think that. Try using google to search for things.

      • ano102

        always the war nikon-canon … fed up with that
        with the size of pixel of d700/5D II, there is no match in low light
        I seems that you dont have tried any of them …

      • Ken Elliott

        And those of us who have tested them both.

      • FX DX

        I have a D700 and I ordered D800 the day it came out. I am happy with my Nikon gear. I have never tried a Canon DSLR. I am sure Canon is as good as Nikon; many real pros use Canon. It is funny that all Nikon fanboys are now claiming that how downsampling a D800 image will result in same or better performance/IQ than D700. Where was this logic when IQ for 5DMII 21MP was being compared to D700 12MP sensor? Nikon v/s Canon logic is hysterical. I am a loyal Nikon user and I don’t see enough benefits of switching to Canon for 5DMarkIII or anything else for that matter.

        • The logic has always been there (see link in my reply above, also see the DXOMark article on the same topic)… it’s just that Nikon fans are only admitting to it now 😉

      • Steve

        Very funny try comparing actual photos on Image Resources Comparometer , the Still Life at ISO 3200 shows the 12 MP D700 to have far more detail & better colour than the 22MP 5DMK2.
        Not sure how downsizing the Canon is going to bring back the detail that’s been lost.
        On the other hand the D800 images at high ISO show a ton of detail & downsampling will help with noise & still be left with plenty of detail.

        You can also try comparing the D3X 24 MP to the Canon 5DMK2 at ISO
        6400 the D3X is far more detailed.

        • aleksdat

          I believe that the situation with the D800 against the 5DmkII will be approximately the same as 5DmkII against the D700. Don’t forget that the 5DmkII is designed for studio shooting, and with a sensitivity to 1600ISO including for long exposures it is much more detailed. However, I don’t увеен that photographers who need to work 36 megapixels will work with D800, and not to the medium format. For wedding photography enough 20 megapixels. So, for me, more interesting camera with a fast and accurate autofocus, and a series of 6/7 frames per second, low-noise, to print A3 evening shots without a flash. I’m afraid this is just 1DX.

  • Ash

    Ooh, 69 auto-focus points. That will surely revolutionize a photographer’s style.

  • Dominique

    69 auto-focus point : this is not the main point actually. OK, sometimes you use the full autofocus stuff, for sports or moving subjects, but hey, if you shoot studio, low depth of field, static subject, landscapes, etc … you just focus center, half press and move.
    What really matters nowadays is light metering and dynamic range ! How the camera is handling the shadow parts and the bright sunny parts all together, that’s the magic of the new bodies.

    • The recent advancements in metering sensors is all pure marketing BS as far as correct metering goes.

      Still at the end of the day you’re choosing a shutter speed, ISO and a f-number… all in 1/3 stops, whether you meter using an ancient meter which has a moving needle or whether you use a $1000 handheld meter.

      At best the recent (secondary) image-sensor based meters are capable of profiling scenes and matching to a database when you’re like shooting in the full auto mode. You’ll need far more help than in metering if you shoot in full auto to make your shots look better.

      Other than that, humans mastered measuring light a very long time ago.

  • dbas

    I’m hoping Canon doesn’t cripple the next 5D to protect the C300. Nikon has really raised the bar with video features.

    • TC

      Canon cripples everything. They cripple their compacts to protect their low-end SLRs. They cripple their low end SLRs to protect their high-end SLRs. They cripple their high-end SLRs to protect their video cameras.

      Canon: crippled by design.

      • aleksdat

        All real things in the world are being crippled – Nikon, Sony, Pentax & even Mamia – caus marketing needs firstly( I don,t believe the production of the D90 has become a lot cheaper than a couple of years ago. But compare price!

  • BeanyPic

    If the 5DMkIII has a similar focusing set up as the 1DX it will blow anything Nikon or other brands have to offer. I’ve read into the D800 spec a little deeper and for any outdoor shooting it may fall behind what Canon can offer. I shoot outdoors and after seeing the 1DX in action I was really, really, really impressed. Lets see what the potential 5DMkIII has. The 6.9FPS says to me a very strong AF system is on its way at a lower price. NICE…..

    • Steve

      Nikon D800 has the AF from the D4 ,51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors focuses at -2 EV at f8 which is about the same as moonlight outdoors.

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