Video: Imaging at a trillion frames per second

Very interesting TED presentation on the  femto-photography camera developed at MIT that can take pictures around corners at one trillion frames per second.

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  • Arround the corner?
    Are we becoming THAT lazy ? haha

    • Steve

      …and a trillion frames a second ? Can you imagine the time it’d take to do the pp on a trillion shots ? 😉

      • JC

        I suppose I’ll need to start adjusting my workflow. .

        • EvelynK

          And I’m going to upgrade my memory cards – I’m a RAW shooter 🙂

  • Rob

    This “camera” will not allow you to image anything transient. It only allows imaging of light propagating in/on a steady system.

    Can: Image light passing through a medium.

    Can’t. Image an electrical spark, a bullet, an explosion etc etc

  • Curtis

    You guys are so dumb! It’s digital! you can do anything with digital, you can do beyond that if you want! I don’t understand why they had to go on stage and say this. It’s basically really really really really really really slow motion… who gives a fuck

    • Fumb Duck

      Uh. Okay.

      Someone forgot to take their meds.

    • fjfjjj

      Yeah, it’s like when they exploded the first H-bomb. I was like, “Hello? You guys? You can do anything with an explosion. Duh!” What a bunch of idiots.

  • Art K.

    Obvious military applications…. and lotsa mullah…

  • Voieur

    YES!!! I can finally take stills of my hot neighbour undressing in her bedroom around the corner!!!

    PS. Or I can just ask her for a date… hmmmm

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