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Bloomberg: Olympus may cut jobs, CEO backtracked previous comments that camera business was not for sale, saying that’s no longer the case

Ok, no rumors this time – this is coming directly from Olympus Chief Executive Officer Yasuo Takeuchi: Olympus Corp. is considering job cuts as the medical device and camera maker pushes forward with plans to almost double operating margin in the medium term, Chief Executive Officer Yasuo Takeuchi said. “The issue of personnel will naturally need to […]

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Olympus: we will continue to work on improving the profitability and efficiency of the Imaging Business

This is the “official answer” to the Olympus shutting down their camera business rumor, given by an Olympus representative and reported by Sina Finance: “The Imaging business has always been the driving force of technology, including imaging technology and mass production technology, and has made tremendous contributions to the Medical and Scientific Solutions businesses. As […]

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Rumors: Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

From PersonalView – “Olympus closure is near, can happen in less than 8 months”: “It is total instability now in camera division, in various countries people are running and looking for new positions. Lot of rumors and talks that we can hear sudden closure press release within January-March time. Some talks are that development team and […]

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Olympus Spain: Olympus will continue to work in the photography market while undergoing a “comprehensive transformation”

After Olympus Russia, Olympus Spain also made a comment on Facebook on the recent rumors about the company exiting the camera market:

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Olympus could be forced to exit the digital camera market

Olympus could be forced to exit the digital camera market by activist shareholders – this report comes from Business Journal Japan. 43addict writes: “Many Olympus shareholders happen to be foreigners and they are starting to make headway, which could eventually lead to Olympus either discounting their camera sales or going in a fundamentally new direction.”

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