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  • Sony develops “Hybrid FPA”, a novel liquid crystal alignment technique that achieves faster response time for liquid crystal displays:

  • Canon's in body stabilization patent:

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  • Global

    Reading straight from Canon’s website, the “locking” feature upgrade will cost $100. Originally they wanted about $150, but lowered it to $100 for the U.S., it seems. Considering materials, labor, tax/overhead that’s about right. If they ship it back to you at no additional cost, that’s even pretty darn good.

    I’m not a canon man but i know that many canon users hate when their dial gets turned in their bag.

  • jeorcal

    Scarlett the looooooooong jokeware

  • Stepper

    Looks like Red has realized that “Scarlet” has become a punchline in the camera world.
    I guess by changing the name to Epic Light they are trying to ditch the redicule.

  • naja

    yea my K-5 has the locking mode dial it for free

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