Hoya & Kodak updates

Hoya announced their results for the financial year ending on March 31, 2011

"Revenues from continuing operations grew 2.7% over the previous fiscal year, to 413,349 million yen and profit before tax was up 26.2% to 63,758 million yen, mainly due to an increase in orders with the recovery in the market."

"Optics business did well this year despite temporary shutdown of the production lines due to rolling blackout after the Tohoku Great Earthquakes in March and thanks to an increasing demand for digital cameras. There are still some impacts of the disaster on our company, but except digital camera business that has difficulties in procurement of parts, our business will return toward normal by the end of May." (according to Hoya CEO Hiroshi Suzuki)

A Washington based judge decided that Kodak did not infringed Apple's patents. Apple filed a lawsuit against Kodak shortly after Kodak sued them for infringing a patent related to ways of previewing images. Kodak is expecting to win as much as $1 billion in licensing revenue if they win the case. As a result, Kodak's stock price went up 5%. Kodak has been in financial trouble lately and such a big settlement may keep them alive.

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  • Just A Thought

    Nice result from Hoya. If memory serves me, Hoya has a reputation as being very well run.

  • King Of Swaziland

    What useless sack of excrement of a patent examiner awarded a patent for “A way of previewing images” sometime in the last 20 years?

    Why is he still employed with the US Patent Office?

    Why is this country saddled with morons like this executing insane patent law that mires us in a swamp of patent trolls instead of green fields of innovation?

  • Grev

    Apple is going down. As much as I love my macbooks, they’ve lost the plot recently.

    • regular

      I stopped buying Apple since they started patent trolling.
      Apple were business followers in mature markets such as photography, mp3 players, mobile phones, and yet there are suing every pioneers : Kodak, Samsung, Nokia, etc. Is Apple really thinking they invented wireless phone ahead of Nokia??

      • Just A Thought

        “thinking they invented wireless phone ahead of Nokia??”

        One does not have to invent things if one has enough free cash to search for and buy up patents. If memory serves me Microsoft own patents for Linux – Novell owns a Linux distro and have more or less confirmed that Micorosft has certain patents over their Linux distro. There are groups and legal firms who also play the buy and sell Patents game.

        Look at the camera gear makers, they patent everything from the smallest to the biggest thing- you never know what some dumb thing may be worth in the future to others who need that dumb thing for their bigger dumb thing to work etc etc…

        Anyone, plse correct any errors and or omissions made above as I’m going by memory on this and it ain’t perfect by a long shot.

        • Tony

          That might be right if Apple pay Nokia like they should, but they didn’t.
          So, Nokia look at it more as robbing than stealing.

          It’s normal for business to cheat first then fix later as long as a general population doesn’t know…..and well, Nokia doesn’t have a NUKE, so they can only bark for now.

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