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Japanese full-frame mirrorless market share for April: Sony: 50%, Canon: 30%, Nikon: 15%

BCN Ranking published the latest Japanese full-frame mirrorless market share for the month of April (this data is only for full-frame mirrorless cameras, full-frame DSLRs are obviously not included). Here is the breakdown by camera models:

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Released: the latest full-frame mirrorless camera market share in Japan

This is the latest full-frame mirrorless camera market share in Japan as of December 2018: Sony: 66.4% Canon: 17.5% Nikon: 16% Source: BCN Ranking, via NikonRumors

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The 2019 BCN Ranking Japanese market share report is out

BCN Ranking published their 2019 market share report for the different camera categories and Fuji is again nowhere to be seen (BCN Ranking collects real sales data from approximately 40% of the Japanese retailers):

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Sony α7 III vs. Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6 mirrorless sales during the holiday shopping season in Japan

BCN+R published their latest sales results data for the mirrorless camera holiday shopping season in Japan. What I find interesting is that Canon and Nikon mirrorless sales were almost identical in December of 2018:

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Full-frame cameras market in Japan

BCN Ranking published their data for the full-frame camera market in Japan from October 2017 to October 2018:

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BCN Ranking full-frame mirrorless camera market share: Sony: 67%, Canon: 22.1%, Nikon: 10.4%

BCN Ranking published their latest full-frame mirrorless camera market data for the Japanese market. In the first graph, you can  how Sony’s nearly 100% market share fell down to 67% after the announcement of the Nikon Z7 and Canon EOS R (Sony in blue: 67%, Nikon in green: 10.4%, Canon in red: 22.1%): The second graph […]

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July CIPA report: the downturn continues; Nikon and Canon dominate the BCN rankings

I have been tracking the CIPA shipments data for years, but this time I will use the excellent graphs created by CanonNews based on the latest July 2018 report (click for larger view):

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