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Digital camera market forecast till 2023: units shipped down, revenue up

A reader sent me this graph from Credence Research that shows the global digital camera market revenue vs. units shipped forecast (2014-2023): The graph confirms what I already reported a few months ago: there is a trend of rising prices of photo gear and unfortunately what we have seen so far is just the beginning.

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Big Sigma lens price increase coming to Europe

Most (if not all) Sigma lenses sold in Europe will go up in price between 9% and 28% on January 1, 2017. The list above shows the old and new dealer pricing for some lenses (check the retail EU prices for Sigma lenses at Amazon.de and Amazon.fr). RRS will also have a 5-10% price increase on […]

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The new reality (price increases everywhere)

When I first reported the rumored price of the new Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera, I was hoping that it was a mistake. Few hours after my post, I received a confirmation from a good source that the European price will indeed be 1,990 Euro (around $2,200). Then I noticed that the price of the Pentax K-1 […]

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The Sony RX1R II camera now costs $600 more, all 42MP Sony cameras are out of stock

The Sony RX1R II camera recently got a big $600 price increase: now listed for $3,898 and is out of stock almost everywhere (same price at Adorama and Amazon). The RX1R II was $3,299 when first announced back in October last year. The new pricing is now pretty much in Leica territory (the Leica Q is $4,250).

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Fuji warns about an upcoming price increase of photographic papers

Fuji warns about another upcoming price revision of photographic papers that will basically lead to another price increase. I think Fuji is the only company that issues a press release every time they increase their prices. They even have a press release to say that they are having a “worldwide price revision”, here it is:

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Sony price increase already effective in some European countries

The Sony price increase I reported last month is already effective in some European countries – almost all Sony E-mount lenses are now at least 10% more expensive:

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Canon and Sony also rumored to raise prices in Europe

Similar to Nikon, Canon and Sony are also rumored to raise their prices in the UK and/or in Europe this summer – in some cases up to 20%. Check out the latest prices and availability at Wex Photographic, Jessops, Calumet, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. Canon recently cut their profit forecast as a result of post-Brexit yen strength.

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