Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art lens coming in October

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A new Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art lens is rumored to be released in October 2014. The new lens will most likely be announced at Photokina in September. The price of the 24mm f/1.4 is expected to be higher than the current 50mm ($949) and 35mm ($899) Art versions. Still no information on a possible 135mm f/1.8 Art model that was rumored a while back.

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Lytro Illum: a new high-end lightfield camera

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Lytro-Illum-lightfield-camera-2Lytro-Illum-lightfield-camera  Lytro-Illum-lightfield-camera-3
Lytro announced the Illum - a new high-end lightfield camera that will have a 30-250mm f/2 equivalent lens with 1:3 macro and a price tag of $1,499. Shipping will start in June, 2014. Here are the key technical specs:


  • Custom-designed 40-megaray light field sensor
  • 8x optical zoom lens (30mm-250mm equivalent)
  • Constant f/2.0 aperture across the entire zoom range
  • 1/4000 of a second high-speed shutter
  • Extreme close-focus macro capability
  • Combination of tactile-controls and smartphone-class, articulating touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 86mm x 145mm x 166mm; 940 grams
  • Hot shoe supports all leading flashes

Software Platform

  • Virtual camera controls in post-processing including aperture focus and perspective adjustments and physically accurate tilt control
  • Instantly displays 3D photos
  • Integrated sharing to leading social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+
  • Library of drag-and-drop cinematic animations, including pan, zoom, focus and perspective shift
  • Interactive depth assist
  • Compatible workflow with leading photo software from Adobe and Apple

Additional information:

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Samyang announcement on April 28th: 3 new lenses

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Samyang 12mm cine lens
Some additional information on the upcoming Samyang announcement on April 28th:
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New Canon teaser for April 24th

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Canon Hong Kong posted a new teaser on their Facebook page for what it seems to be a new, fast prime lens to be announced on April 24th. Here is the translated text:

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New GoPro 4 camera rumored to shoots 4K and 1080/120fps

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A press release for a new GoPro 4 camera with 4k video and 1080/120fps leaked online:
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The Sony RX200 camera to have a faster 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 lens?

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Sony RX200 with 28-100mm f:1.8-2.8 lens
Sony filed a patent for a 10-36mm f/1.8-2.8 lens designed for a 1" sensor (28-100mm equivalent). This lens could potentially be used in the future Sony RX200 camera (the current RX100 II model has a 28–100 mm f/1.8-4.9 lens).

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Samsung NX3000 camera listed on Indonesian Communication Agency website

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The Indonesian Communication Agency has a new listings on their website for a Samsung NX3000 camera. Previous NX3000 rumors indicated that this will be a new entry level model in the "easy & stylish" category:

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