New Ricoh GXR “slide-in” piece: is it real?

Update: here is another photoshopped solution for Leica M lenses on Ricoh GXR.

This picture of a new "slide-in" lens piece for the Ricoh GXR was on the front cover of a Japanese magazine - if anyone owns a copy, I would like to know more about the content inside:

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  • Damn, that looks cool!

  • oldie

    Fake! Why would the Ricoh need that selector left from the lense?

    • WoutK89

      Lens mount adapter, so you can unlock and lock the lens?

  • WoutK89

    Do they already have the new Pentax 645? Or is it just some other 645 camera or what they expect it to be?

  • Eric

    Obviously a fake based on the lens mount button (the GXR body doesn’t have an indention cut out for that). However, if they can actually make a Leica-M mount module (with full frame sensor ideally) then that system just got 100x more interesting. That truly would be a poor mans Leica M9.

  • The slide-in appears to be an M-mount. The Zeiss lens in the image is LTM so an adapter was added. The external viewfinder is a Leica 21-24-28 tri-finder. The button on the left is the lens release and the lever on the right is the frameline override. Why would this module need a frameline override? Isn’t this camera EVIL?

    • WoutK89

      Not EVIL, but what it is, I dont know.

    • I think the lens is a Contax G mount. But I believe that it can be used in a M mount camera with a mount adapter…

  • GlobalGuy

    The shadows aren’t consistent. If not fake, this was at least photoshopped. The oval angle of the lens circle is also inconsistent with the finder, suggesting shopped.

  • Rick

    That looks like a Zeiss G Biogon 21/2.8 lens I guess from the old G series Contax cameras. If true, this changes my whole thinking regarding Ricoh’s strategy.

  • Scott

    +1 Carlos E.
    +1 GlobalGuy

  • hehe, of course it is photoshopped, but the question is, will Ricoh make one like that? I am pessimistic.

  • Anonymous

    I want that viewfinder for my GF1

  • Here’s a site that has a picture of a (supposed) M-Mount Ricoh GXR. As far as I can tell from the exceptionally poor Google and Babelfish translations, they admit it’s a fake … I think. I thought it was at least worth mentioning:

    If they do make an M-Mount module, how will it focus? Just by eyeballing it in live view? No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    of corse it’s fake, look at asa wheel on camera body

  • Hi,

    I leave in Japan and had the magazine in my hands. It is photoshoped.

    Howeber you should take a look at Nippon camera 2010/02 (60th anniversary) page 125 through 131. A lot of interesting pictures of what could be the future camera modules of the GXR.



    • I wish I could get this magazine in the US

  • PPL


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