Holga‬ ‪‎film‬ ‪cameras‬ will no longer be produced

Freestyle Photographic Supplies (the US Holga distributor) published a statement that Holga‬ ‪‎film‬ ‪cameras‬ will no longer be produced:

Holga Factory Ceases Operation of Holga Cameras!

Hollywood, California November 25, 2015

Freestyle Photographic announced today that the factory that produces Holga Cameras has ceased operations and will no longer be producing these Cameras and accessories.

The origins of Holga began in China in 1981. At the time, photography was skyrocketing in popularity and the 120 film format was most pervasive. Holga was introduced to the Chinese public as an inexpensive medium format camera. Unfortunately for Holga, no one could have predicted the enormous impact 35mm film would have on the Chinese market. In only a few short years, Holga was overrun by its smaller format competitors. Word of an all-plastic camera spread west and its popularity grew. Tens of thousands of cameras were sold in twenty different countries with almost no change in the original design. Holga Cameras have been a part of our photographic heritage for over 33 years and have been instrumental in not only teaching photography, but also in being able to express film creativity in the digital age. “It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to a camera that has been so popular with so many. A Holga Camera really is about creativity and unpredictability and a refreshing medium in today’s digital age.” states Gerald H. Karmele, President and Chief Operating Officer of Freestyle. “Holga outlived many other cameras but, as like we have seen throughout the years, is yet another casualty of the digital age”

According the factory spokesperson in China, “…all Holga tooling has already been thrown away and there is nothing available for sale.” Inventory is still available throughout the United States and around the world, but as units sell out, they will be no longer available.

Established in 1946, Freestyle Photographic Supplies is a leading international retail, mail order and internet provider of photographic cameras, equipment and supplies nationwide, as well as the exclusive United States distributor of Arista photographic films and papers, Cachet archival storage boxes, Foma black and white photographic papers and films, Fotospeed specialty chemicals, Holga cameras and accessories, ADOX films and papers, Silvergrain chemistry, LegacyPro films, chemicals and accessories, Tetenal chemicals and Rollei black and white films.

Holga cameras are still available/in stock at B&H, Adorama and Amazon.

Via Freestylephoto

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  • Paco Ignacio

    Thanks but no thanks.

    • Aaron J. Heiner

      You must be new to photography, Holga predates hipsters.

  • With so many wonderful, classic film cameras, I never understood the Holga attraction.

    • Paco Ignacio

      Must ask the hipsters

      • Aaron J. Heiner

        You must be new to photography, Holga predates hipsters by a few decades there, bro.

        • Spy Black

          What makes you think hipsters weren’t around back then too?

          • markz

            yep hipsters (by name) were around even back in the beat days, and was usually a derogatory term for wanabe beatniks (who themselves were wanabe Beat).

    • waterengineer

      What other 120 film camera can you buy for $20US? Even “wonderful, classic film cameras” that are reliable cost more.

      • Abiatha Swelter

        Sure, but the key word there is ‘reliable,’ which doesn’t really describe the Holga.

  • Spy Black

    “…all Holga tooling has already been thrown away and there is nothing available for sale.”

    That’s kinda bizarre. Although I don’t think there would be people knocking down the doors to get at it, you might think some modern-day hipster outfit could be interested in buying all that junk and selling the cameras to niche markets.

    • J-Man

      Yeah, you’d think they would put out the word that there is a limited amount of time to acquire the tooling and possibly the brand, very strange indeed.

    • markz

      Yeh strange, I would have thought the Lomo guys would have been gaging to lay their hands on Holga’s trademark and tooling

      • Abiatha Swelter

        The Lomo guys are well-stocked on Dianas, so they don’t really need the Holga. (“There can be only one.”)

  • Hogarth Ferguson

    Is it not the least bit ironic or stupid that you’d list Adorama, BH, or Amazon, but the story is from Freestyle, who also stocks. You didnt even list them in the “available” section.

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