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Joke of the day: Hassleblad Stellar is now $2,300 off

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After the announcement of the new Stellar II camera the price of the previous Stellar dropped by $2,300 and is now selling for $999. The first Stellar model is based on the Sony RX100 camera that currently sells for $448.

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Hasselblad has no shame, announces new Stellar II camera

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The Hasselblad Stellar camera has been around for over a year (PhotoRumors first broke the news in July, 2013). It seems that the company still believes in this concept after closing their design center in Italy and changing their CEO – they just announced a new Stellar II camera ($2,395) based on the Sony RX 100 II model ($648):

Hasselblad Stellar II camera models
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Confirmed: Hasselblad closed their Italian design center

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Today Photoscala confirmed what I already reported back in May: the Italian design center in Treviso, that Hasselblad opened in 2012, has been closed. Hasselblad is probably/hopefully abandoning the idea of creating high-end re-batched Sony cameras like the Lunar, Stellar, Solar and HV models. There is still no official statement from the company.

Hasselblad Lunar Stellar camera
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Hasselblad announces Wi-Fi enabled H5D-50c medium format camera

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Hasselblad announced a new Wi-Fi enabled H5D-50c medium format camera (price: $36,000):

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Hasselblad H5X announcement

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Hasselblad announced the previously rumored H5X camera. Here are the technical specifications (check pricing and availability):

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New Photokina rumor: Hasselblad to open their H5 system for 3rd party digital backs?

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I received this Hasselblad rumor from a reader: It looks like Hasselblad are opening their H5 system for 3rd party digital backs. They already have H4X promo but only recently they updated this promotion with an option to purchase the “open” body without trade-ins. Ironically, most of the people don’t know about it and we all think Hasselblad […]

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The new Hasselblad H5D-200c MS camera can reach 200MP resolution

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Hasselblad announced a new H5D-200c MS medium format camera (not to be confused with the current H5D-200MS model) that can reach 200 MP resolution with the help of the Multi-Shot (MS) capture technology: “Based on the 50 Megapixel sensor (6200 x 8272 pixels with a dimension of 32.9 x 43.8mm), the H5D-200c MS offers 1, 4 and […]

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