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The latest patents from Tamron, Canon and Ricoh

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→ Tamron filed a patent for a 90mm f/2.8 Macro full frame mirrorless lens. → Canon has a patent for a 9-18mm f/3.5-4.5 APS-C mirrorless lens. → Canon filed a patent for EF-M lens adapter with improved AF speed.

Canon  9-18mm f:3.5-4.5 APS-C mirrorless lens patent
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The rest of the new Pentax full frame K-mount DSLR camera *UPDATED*

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When Ricoh officially announced the development of the new Pentax full frame K-mount DSLR camera, the press release only included a picture from the front of the camera. A prototype of the latest Pentax DSLR is currently on display at the CP+ show in Japan – here are few additional images from all sides:

Pentax full frame K-mount DSLR camera 8
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Deal of the day: Ricoh GR camera for $479

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You can now get a Ricoh GR camera on eBay for $479.99 (regular price: $596.95 – $696.95). Maybe Ricoh is trying to get rid of their inventory and make space for a new model?

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Ricoh to reveal new pixel/sensor shift technology for the Pentax full frame DSLR camera

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Next week Ricoh/Pentax will have a technical presentation at the CP+ show for a new “super-resolution” technology based on pixel/sensor shift by using the sensor’s image stabilization. While Hassleblad (H5D) and Olympus (E-M5 Mark II) have used similar solutions in their cameras, the Ricoh/Pentax implementation will be slightly different. This new “super-resolution” tech will be implemented in future Ricoh/Pentax cameras, […]

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Rumors of a Ricoh GR camera replacement

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I already mentioned that in addition to the new full frame lenses and DSLR camera, Ricoh/Pentax will have more announcements for the CP+ show. One of the rumored possibility is a Ricoh GR replacement:

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More firmware update news from Sony, GoPro, Ricoh, Fuji and Zeiss

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Sony released a new firmware update that enhances the image stabilization system of the α7 II camera. More firmware updates after the break:

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New Ricoh GR camera price drop

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There is a new price drop on the Ricoh GR camera (probably triggered by the recent Nikon Coolpix A fire sale): Ricoh GR bundle with 32GB memory card and GF-1 TTL flash for $566.95 with 4% rewards and free shipping Ricoh GR bundle with 32GB memory card, Ricoh GV-1 external viewfinder for $566.95 with 4% […]

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