Sony Alpha 800 DSLR

I received some info on a upcoming Sony a800 DSLR - I cannot confirm it at that point:

  • 16.2MP full frame sensor exmor R (new technology)
  • 100-25600 ISO
  • 8 frame/sec
  • SSI, same a900 OVF, new AF system,
  • GPS and WiFi built-in
  • 3.5 in. LCD display
  • Pop-up flash
  • Flash sync (1/500)
  • Camera level
  • 23 AF sensors
  • Quick Live View
  • Video Full HD
  • Dust/splashes sealed
  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy body
  • Released early September, 2009
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  • Anonymous

    about time

  • beepboop


  • Hmmmm, I wonder if this sensor (or something similar) will make its way into the rumored D3something lodged between the D3 and D3X?

    • This is what I was thinking. Can you say Nikon D800? I doubt that they will use the same name: D800, a800…

    • The only thing that bothers me is that there is also the a500 and a550 rumor and Sony just released 2 DSLR already. This will total 5 DSLR in a single year. Is this possible?

      • Fallacy

        For Sony, nothing is impossible.

    • pstreak

      If I read the specs right, the sensor is more likely to find itself in a body above the D3 rather than in a D700x or similar.
      Sony is certainly trying to own the market with bodies in 2009, they really just need the lenses now.

  • Kenneth

    Saw that one several months back. Its kinda old.

  • Sam

    3.5″ LCD means the body would probably be humongous, and bigger than A900. So I highly doubt this is possible unless Sony makes a huge mistake in the marketing department.

  • Jess

    1/500 sync with full frame? That isn’t possible unless it uses a leaf-shutter in lens.

  • AZ

    16.2 MPX – nice, finally a usable wildlife body in FX format – just hope Nikon will get this sensor into it’s own body

  • alessy

    Hm. It is too good to be true. I dont belive it.

    # 16.2MP full frame sensor exmor R (new technology)
    # 25600 ISO
    # 8 frame/sec
    # GPS and WiFi built-in
    # 3.5 in. LCD display
    # Flash sync (1/500)
    # 23 AF sensors

    This camera would be very expenssive if this is true. But this is too much in one package. Id say that one or two of this things are posible, but not all. I belive that they have the technologie to make that kind of a camera right now, but why would they put all in if they can make 5 new bodys every half year from that technology. It is all about the money and it is not possible that they will give all in one body. Just not possible.

    • AZ

      unless Sony is going to gain market share, and as I expect they want to become number 1 or 2 in the next couple of years and this is the way to do it

      • alessy

        I dont belive that sony would do that move only with one body. It is just too big financial loss for them.
        And i dont belive that they will do that just to become nr.1 in dslr . If they would want to become nr.1 I think that they would start at point and shoot segment and not here in dslr.
        We’ll see what time brings. Anyway this rumor about Sony A 800 is just not possible in financial way and it is not logical if you anderstand the market.
        One or two things from that list is possible, but not all !

    • Phillybop

      Alessy is 100% correct. No corporation would release that much tech in one body. That’s easily 3 bodies right there. They split it all up and it migrates to different bodies. That’s how you make money. It happens in all kinds of electronics.

      A similar story I heard was back in the early 90s some guy invented some fantastic keyboard and bought it to the Roland corporation to see if they were interested. The president of Roland told him, “What you have here is great but it’s really 5 keyboards in one. You need to find a way to separate this technology into different keyboards, then come back.” It’s basic business.

  • indian nut

    # 16.2MP full frame sensor
    # 8 frame/sec
    # GPS and WiFi built-in
    # Flash sync (1/500)
    # Dust/splashes sealed

    sounds very good. if they able to keep the price below $1500, it will be a great camera for the person like me who like to shift from P&S to DSLR.

    • Mike

      I’m sorry to disappoint you but I think if Sony does commit marketing-suecide and releases all this tech in one dslr the price will be closer to $15,000 than $1,500. Look at the Nikon D3 it costs over $7,000 if I’m not mistaken and hasn’t got even half the bells and whistles…

      • indian nut

        it could become market altering phenomenon.

  • Sunny Sony Sonny

    The A800 rumor is wrong
    I have a relative who has inside info – sorry, can’t disecose more:
    Sony plans the following cameras in long term; it wants to have 10 models:
    130 with HD video, only LCD, no EVF 14 MP 2010
    260 with HD video 14 MP 2010
    360 with HD video !4 MP 2010
    400 with HD video 18 MP 2010
    500 with HD video 14 MP 2009
    550 with HD video 18 MP 2009
    730 with HD video 18 MP 2010
    800 with HD video 24 MP 2010
    930 with HD video 30 MP 2011
    1000 with HD video 30 MP – will combine video and photo function as has never been done before – revolutionary camera 2011

    • If you have more details – email me, I will keep your privacy.

  • Sunny Sony Sonny

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that the #800 will be FF. Sony will have 3 FF cameras. None of these cameras will use XMOR-R CMOS. 800 and 930 will have built-in flash.

  • odysseus

    Sounds like a wishlist …

  • George

    I hope it’s true – but it does sound like a whishlist.

  • Sunny Sony Sonny

    not a wishlist at all

  • AlexK

    Sonny’s lineup sounds desirable and timeframes, plausible. For SONY to integrate video in a way that is highly functional and indeed capable of changing the status quo, their young dSLR division must win the turf war against the well entrenched professional video imaging division. To us, these are cameras; to Sony insiders, these are careers and livelihoods and personal ambitions.

    Large corporations generally often fall victims of their internal turf wars. For instance, IBM took forever to bring a PC to the market because it was too good – namely good enough to threaten their minicomputer business which was going nowhere but still had teeth as far as company politics was concerned. Unlike IBM’s minicomputers, SONY’s professional video imaging division is a champ – uncontested winner in its market and a breadwinner and reputation builder for the company. NO WAY the still-new dSLR team are having the video in their cams without consensus reached with the pro video folks. In the old SONY, the pro video group would just as soon let the dSLR languish and die for all they care but not let them have an inch of its video turf. Let’s hope the “new SONY” is smarter and looks at the big picture of it being important to stay competitive with such features as main-sensor LV and dSLR HD video.

  • Sunny Sony Sonny

    Not so, the broadcast group was threatened with Red, so they introduced XDCAM EX1 and Red had to cancel their new model plans. Now Sony is threatened by everyone, from Panasonic to Canon with DSLR introductions with video. Sony DSLR implemented video will be superior, but it takes time, that is why the interim models 230-380.

  • B+W

    what a ‘monster’!!!

  • frankchn

    Someone’s wishlist – obviously. This would rival the 1D4 and the next version of the D3 if it were true. If Sony did indeed release this body – it would be priced above the A900 (and the 1D and D3 from Canons and Nikons).

  • Tas

    If Sony come up with an FF sensor HD DSLR and show that they have learnt from the shortcomings of 5DM2, GH1 and K7, they are likely to win a chunk of both serious Indie and professional market all over the world. But they have to do it before Canon, Panasonic and Pentax improve on their present offerings. I think Sony need that. Sony are relatively new in the still camera game. A good HD video provision on their DSLRs can only enhance their chances in a highly competetive digital camera market.

  • Tako

    Whether the specs is real or not – I do believe a A700 replacement is due soon. I just went to Yodobashi today – one of japanese biggest eletronic/camera retailer – there is no sign of any a700…….what does that mean? none on their website as well …

  • Phil

    For all you nonbelievers, Sony can certainly do it !! I think they will surpass Nikon and Canon. Every thing they do is top of the line. You guys are just stuck on Nikon and Canon

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