Sony expectations for CES 2010

sony-alpha-logoI received a rumor that Sony will introduce two DSLR models at the CES show in Las Vegas between January 7th and 1oth, 2010: Alpha 450 and a successor to the Alpha 700 (not clear what will be the exact model number). The Alpha 450 will not have video capabilities (the a700 replacement is also not expected to have built-in video). Just a reminder what Sony mentioned in an interview few months ago about VDSLR: "If the firm (Sony) should decide to make a dSLR with movie capture feature, it will want to make this as good as its Handycam.”

In the mean time Adorama has also listed the Sony a700 as "no longer available".

In an interview with DCWatch, Sony mentioned that they would probably keep the existing Alpha mount if and when they release an EVIL camera.

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  • GlobalGuy

    I really wish Sony would grow up and become a Nikon or a Canon already. They have done so much in so little time that you just want them to succeed, even if you don’t own their system. But its kind of one of those propositions like “I’m so used to voting for either Democrat or Republican — could I really vote for a third-party??” With Sony, you almost think you could. And what I mean by they need to grow up — i mean they need to have this DSLR wing under their belt for much longer to establish a trust that they aren’t just going to go away with the next switch of the CEO or Vice President. They look like they are doing the right things all the time and that definitely helps on the confidence side. But I believe that people buy Nikon because of decades of history, they buy Canon because of decades of history. Sony has a problem in that they aren’t even as established as Pentax in the world of DSLRs. We’d love to have a true competitor to Nikon and Canon though. The world is big enough for it. Too bad its another Japanese company though. I wonder why we can’t get any diversity in this field.

    • GlobalGuy

      *Correction- its not too bad that its another Japanese company, because these companies deserve what they reap. But what i mean is that its too bad that the DSLR world will always be pegged to the Yen.

      One wonders when China Inc. is going to build a DSLR company that manufactures all the features you could ever want at about 80% of the quality in a cheap metal frame for less than half the cost in all formats.

  • Sky

    No video? Still? Wasn’t the A700 successor suppose to have video? (not that I’d care, but that constant mud-throwing on Sony because of lack of video is getting annoying)

  • Catastrophile

    me thinks this is a false rumor. A700 replacement without video?! and if there is going to be an A4xx, i’d simply think A400 rather than A450 or A475 (as a first model in that series).

    Another point, video in dslrs will never be as good as in dedicated videocameras (at least in ergonomics & form factor), so the quoted sony statement could be a subtle “NO” (never or not in the near future, to video in dslrs), that’s may be what the sony spokesman meant when he gave the statement, but given how the lack of video is impacting Alpha sales now, i don’t think we will have to wait too long for the 1st video-enabled alpha.

  • I don´t need video in my A7xx.
    If you need video buy rather HVR-A1, V1 or Z5 or NXCAM 🙂 They are sure they will not implement something what will not have proper level of IQ over Handycam.

    I have for video DCM-TZ7 AVCHD, 25-300mm quite good for chlidrens and home videos.

    • Catastrophile

      it’s not about what i want vs what you want, it’s about what the masses want, and what sony offers versus what the competition offers.

      where there is a will, there is a hell
      where there is video, they can sell

  • Slava

    Jiri, if you don’t need video – it’s OK. But Sony is way behind Canon in sales.
    No video camera can compete with VDSLR.
    For your information and education please follow this link:

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