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The new Samsung CL80 is unofficially out

Update: Samsung removed the CL80 website. All details are available now on Samsung’s website, no official announcement yet (scroll down for full specs): 14MP Digital Camera 31mm Wide Angle Lens Smart Album 14 Megapixels & 7x Optical Zoom Frame Guide 3.7″ AMOLED screen built-in Wi-Fi Read the full specs after the break:

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Happy Holidays from

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New product: ThinkTank Hydrophobia 70-200 water resistant cover

Photography news, before they happen: Think Tank Photo will release a new product at the end of January, 2010 – the seam-sealed, water-resistant “Hydrophobia 70-200” cover for DSLR with up to a 70-200 f/2.8 lens attached. Here are two quick shots of the product (I will have more details tomorrow):

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Sigma SD15 DSLR to be released in February 2010

The rumor is that the Sigma SD15 DSLR will be released in the second half of February 2010. Source

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Ricoh’s attempt at a limited edition camera (GR Digital III x Stussy)

Ricoh announced a “Stussy” limited edition version of its GR Digital III camera model created with US fashion brand manufacturer Stussy (hit that link for more pictures): Not a fan of limited edition cameras (nobody can do limited edition cameras better than Leica), but in this case I do like the GR DIGITAL III x Stussy […]

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B&H lists the MIA Sigma SD15 DSLR as “New item – No arrival date known”

B&H Photo listed the Sigma SD15 DSLR as “New item – No arrival date known”. This camera has been delayed multiple times (officially announced at Photokina 2008). I guess Leica is not the only one that has product release delays. Full list of specs and features after the break:

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Samsung NX10 still on center stage (specs, 30 fps burst video sample)

Samsung NX10 specs (Korean text translated by a reader – thanks P.): 초당 30장 연사지원에 (풀 사이즈는 아닌 듯;;) Supports 30FPS bursts (probably not full sized pictures) 720p 동영상 지원 720p video support 369g 바디무게 369g body weight 1.5 크랍 1.5 crop 3인치 아몰레드 액정 92만화소 3 inch AMOLED screen 920,000 pixels 11개 측거점 11 […]

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Samsung NX10 is everywhere

Pictures of Samsung NX10 are everywhere. The official release is expected to be on or around January 12th, 2010: The above pictures are from dpreview. Some more Samsung NX lenses on slrclub – 18-55mm and the 30mm pancake:

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