New Pentax lenses and K-m2?

UPDATE: this is the same Japanese magazine called CAPA that I covered over @ NikonRumors few weeks ago. Those are pure speculations/predictions. Here is another one from the same magazine  - Sony EVIL camera:

and another one for the Sony Alpha series:

A new Pentax leak on (translation) - some new Pentax lenses were published in an unknown magazine:

  • DA*10-16 f/4 ED AL SDM
  • DA*20 f/2 SDM
  • DA*28 f/2 F2 SDM

and some more details about the upcoming medium format Pentax 645D and K-m2?

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  • J

    A 20mm/f2 that small? Never.

    • traveller

      Don’t forget that Pentax DA lenses only have to cover an APS-C image circle, so really its a 30mm equivalent.

  • WoutK89

    Is this just the same as the one with the Nikon “predictions”?
    I don’t think this one is real as well 😉

  • Jeff-C

    It’s a Japanese magazine’s speculation. We can see the percentage of possibility in the pages.

  • erich

    the name is “CAPA” magzine, just some photographer’s predictions.

  • about the 645D there is a good info here dated from 06/08/09

  • Eric Pepin

    If pentax released a digital mf for around the price of the d3x then they would have my love. Currently mamiya is the only company that produces sub 10k digital backs, and its barely under the 10. Pentax could destroy huge market shares of mamiya, nikon and canon with one camera release.

    • John

      The Mamiya back I think you are referring to is the ZD2. That back I don’t think is produced anymore and for good reason. You won’t get any Phase One back particularly around 40Mps for anything near that, even refurbished.

      That being said as an amateur I am salivating at the prospect of this camera and agree totally with you that it potentially will mark a turning point in the camera industry particularly for amateurs wanting to be released from the AA filter blurring and seeking the meduim format IQ. I just hope a few digital 645 lenses are released at teh same time as the camera.

      • Eric Pepin

        check out the mamiya website, the DM22 back is supposed to retail for right under 10 grand

        it should appear as a front page add. Having pentax enter the market would definitly lower prices though and increase competition.

  • Din

    The K-m2 body is like K20D body.

  • John

    The DM22 is a leaf aptus back (probably old surplus stock) and half the megapixels that has been rebranded.

    The Phase One back equivalent in terms of megapixels (P45+) if the Pentax is 39Mps, will cost in Australian dollars around ~$20,000 to $23,000 (refurbished) or ~$35K AUD (with camera body & 80mm lens). This is why I am so excited about the Pentax 645.

  • alex

    No veo ninguna diferencia en la imagen de la A700 y A900, es el mismo cuerpo.

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