Fuji FinePix F300EXR and a new S-Pro series

This rumor is based on a post from the SGShoot forum:

"I have been informed by a Fujifilm rep today that the new FinePix F300EXR will be launched in the third-quarter of this year. New features include:

  • A slimmer, more compact design
  • Possibly a larger SuperCCD EXR sensor (1/1.4-inch) being used
  • Extended 1000% wide dynamic range
  • Full 1080p HD movie and photo recording and playback
  • Motion remover
  • Improved EXR interface
  • Improve Dual IS image stabilization
  • 24mm wide-angle Fujinon lens

Fujifilm Japan will cease production of F200EXR in May 2010. Also, a new S-Pro series professional camera is currently in planning:

  • Not a Micro Four Thirds camera
  • Using a 12-Megapixel APS-C SuperCCD EXR Pro sensor
  • Possibly incorporating either M-mount (Leica) or F-mount (Nikon)
  • Extended 1000% wide dynamic range
  • Full HD photos and video with HDMI connection
  • Built-in Dual IS image stabilization
  • ISO 12,8000"

Via FredMutter

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  • j0elc

    Please let the new Pro model be F-mount!

    • Adam

      F-mount! F-mount! F-mount!

  • sflxn

    “S-Pro series professional camera is currently IN PLANNING.”

    In other words, they’re a long way from production. It’s a little too late to be planning a 12mp pro camera. However, 1000% extended DR sounds like 16-bit capture to me. If F mount, I may pick one up.

    • lolque

      for a 12mp + APS-C S-PRO

  • mochapaulo

    the 2nd one is too entertaining. But all people will get crazy if Leica M is used XD.

  • Din

    FullHD 1080p with a CCD sensor?? I need see it…

    F-mount? if it is a big camera, yes… it is the largest flange distance in a digital camera now, I really doubt if this rumor is true, it camera be a F-mount.
    Leica M mount and only MF? I don´t know, but they lost a big opportunity with AF.

    ISO 12800 with a CCD? a little difficult…

  • Eric Pepin

    It wouldnt be m mount. No body would use a pro body other then a leica m with m lenses. What kind of applications would this have, none. All previous pro fujis have been F mount so this will be too. And 12mp is more then enough if these have pro build and good dr.

  • dude

    f/1.4 for F300EXR please.

  • bakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    April’s Fool? hmmmmmm

    • mochapaulo

      I have the same feeling

  • not a april fool: original post was on 10-02-2010

  • ImageChefs

    I want it!!!

  • A 1.5 crop factor M-mount body is next to useless, I think that was one
    of the problems of the Epson Rangefinder. There simply are no “crop lenses”
    in M mount.

    A 1.3 or 1.2 crop body, on the other hand, that would basically be a more
    affordable M8, you just buy “one lens wider” (eg. 28 instead of 35) and are

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