Tomorrow is Leica’s day

Tomorrow Leica will announce their new V-Lux 20 p&s camera:

The camera is based on the Panasonic ZS-7 (model TZ-10 in Europe). More details available on

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  • Sky

    Leica P&S made of Panasonic?!
    The world comes to an end…

  • Anonymous

    It has happened before when Leica adapted the Panasonic Lumix LX-3.

    • Philippe

      Read above

  • and before that Leica took fuji first digital cameras and put their red dot on it !
    So what ? A brand has to survive in this jungle and Panasonic makes the best compact cameras in the world.

    So Leica is right !

    • yep. leica is right, those who buy it however…

    • Anonymous

      >>>So Leica is right !

      No, Leica is wrong. What does Leica bring to the table? They charge twice the amount for these cameras as opposed to buying the Panasonic version. How does this help the Leica brand and image? IMO, it hurts it. And IMO, anyone who buys the Leica version is a fool.

      It’s one thing if Panasonic was an OEM manufacturer and they manufactured a camera to Leica specs for Leica, but that’s not the case here. This is like Mercedes Benz buying Kias, changing the body a little bit (or having Kia make a modified body for them) and charging twice as much for the car as Kia.

      If Leica can’t add value, they should stay out of this market segment.

  • dude

    LX3 replacement model pls

  • Philippe

    Are you serious, panasonic makes the worst camera’s. I’m a nikon fan, but as far as compacts go, I love canon

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