Sony EVIL camera to be cheaper than the Olympus E-PL1

Sony is expected to announce their EVIL camera on May 11, 2010.

The latest rumors indicate that one of the upcoming Sony EVIL cameras will be priced lower than the Olympusw E-PL1 and 3 different lenses will be available at the launch:

  • 16mm F2.8
  • 18-55mm F3.5-5.6
  • 18-200mm telephoto
  • All lenses will be made of Chromium and will be very well build and low-priced
  • Adapter will be offered for existing Sony α lenses so they can be used with the new EVIL system

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  • Jonrey B

    Do you have any tentative dates on when they will be announcing this?

  • Very soon – in the next 2-3 weeks, but do not have an exact date yet.

  • Matthieu Vallee

    What I would love to know is whether the Image Stabilisation is located in the body (sensor) or in the lenses.

    • Sky

      in lens

    • Most likely body, Sony will want to re-use their existing technology.

      • i think it will be in the body. If you look at sonys teaser video you can see the userface of the camera has the super steadyshot symbol

        • Sky

          It was officially confirmed that there will be the in-lens stabilization.
          Why? So that camera body wouldn’t have to be as big as the one from Olympus. The price however is obvious – lenses will be bigger.

          • when did they officially confirm that the camera would have stabilization in the lens instead of the body? is there a link to what ur saying?

          • GlobalGuy

            WHY would the body have to be much bigger for sensor VR? Last time I checked, most P&S have decent sensor-based VR and they fit incredibly small in the pocket.

            A m4/3 can’t do this?

          • Sky

            GlobalGuy – P&S cameras have much much smaller stabilization, while for bigger sensor you need bigger mechanism.
            Also note that m4/3 cameras are big, sightly bigger than NEX, despite of having smaller sensor.

  • Ih8you

    cheaper the the e-p1 now or when the e-p1 came out?

    • killian

      it says cheaper than “e-pL1” not the e-p1. however coincidently the e-p1 has recently dropped in price to be about the same as the e-pL1, in which case it would be cheaper than the e-p1 now.

      • GlobalGuy

        Does it mean the lenses will be more expensive? Its easier to make a body which is cheaper. The lenses are the key component. Bodies are disposable.

        • Sky

          Does it mean that all Nikon lenses are more expensive than Sony lenses? Not always 😉

  • Sanford

    Whatever, Sony is doing the right thing. Sony now is very hard to compete with Canon & Nikon on the DSLR system. Sooner they develop APS-C EVIL system, sooner they can make a break through so that to occupy bigger market share that Sony always want. Also, don’t forget the existing Sigma & Tamron a-mount DSLR lenses are supporting this system. I believe 4/3 system will be noway to compete with the aggressive moves from Sony – If the Sony EVIL has the reasonable quality.

    I just think that may be l will like to buy Sony EVIL, if my M42 lenses can work on it. I will not use 4/3 system for M42 lenses because x2 crop factor’s feeling is too different on old lenses.

    • a850 is amazing and still not many people care. Too bad. If more people would care, Nikon would go down with prices and speed up new cameras.

      Sony should get standard hot shoe imo, that is my only complain. Ok, they are ugly too but that is just nitpick

      • Mark

        You can just as easily say, “if people cared about the D700 and the 5D Mark II, Sony would have a hard time.” I don’t get your point or it’s meaningless wishful thinking.

      • Apeman

        If A850 had good high ISO performance, it would be a different story…Sad for Sony.

        • Eric Pepin

          Its ISO is fine and at low isos the dynamic range is incredible beating the 5dm2 in that respect hands down. I love the sonys, and i may eventually switch to them if they keep up the low priced FF high DR cameras, i usually dont shoot above ISO 200 anyways, i rather use 1.4 lenses to keep the iso dow nand i dont need night vision.

          • GlobalGuy

            Sony needs to find their niche and get GREAT at it. If they want to be the “dynamic range king” they need to really push that –> Right now nobody really knows how they compare to Nikon or Canon, because they aren’t telling us loudly. If they want to be the “megapixel king” they need to push it –> Right now, you might as well go for Canon 5DMII and pros will go for Nikon D3x. Nikon is already the “ISO king” so no chance there.

            If Sony just focuses on doing one thing perfectly at the highest level, they are going to at least have a loyal following for a niche market. From there they can expand. I don’t understand trying to please ALL customers at once. To me this is what Pentax tried to do for a while and that didn’t work out too great.

            If Sony decides to become a dynamic range king with higher than average megapixels, then that will be their character and people will go to them for it. But just being a nice “balanced” camera isn’t going to make anyone switch.

  • Sky

    In worse case: You’ll be able to use M42 as good as on Alpha DSLR. 🙂 Though it’ll likely require connecting through 2 adapters (E -> A -> M42)

    • “it’ll likely require connecting through 2 adapters (E -> A -> M42)”

      Yeah right, as if there are not going to be any third-party adapters.

  • Alan

    There are apparently 2 different bodies coming. Hpoefully one will compete on price, but the other will be pitched higher.

    • regular

      what about a integrated viewfinder??

      • Sky

        Nope…not this time. it’s rumored though that EVIL camera will come around september

  • Apeman

    I wonder if they can retain the AF thru the alpha adapter. I have my eye on the ZA135 for some time…

    • Sky


  • Anonymous

    says cheaper than e-pl1 so cheaper than 599? is this with body only or with a kit lens?

    • Sky

      NEX6 (cheaper variant) with 16mm pancake will be cheaper than e-pl1.
      at least: that’s what sonyalpharumors say.


    the date is wrong , 2009??????

    Sony is expected to announce their EVIL camera on May 11, 2009

  • grumps

    If EVIL cameras like this, and ALL manufacturers take note, can bring with it in 35mm equivalent lenses: 16mm, 24mm, 50mm at f/2.8. It will be an instant winner knowing they also have zoom lenses with their releases.

  • Starfires

    Well with all those specs, count me in! Having used a hi-res LCD on my D300, anything less looks blurry. Plus this offers a decent-sized sensor, not to mention the true 1080p video recording.The only thing lacking is the in-body stabilisation, very useful with lenses without it.

    Of course, with all my Nikon lenses I’d like one with a similar, interchangeable mount, so I’ll give that a little time to emerge. One thing I don’t want to do is buy the same lenses all over again.

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