Samsung NX 5 is out

The long rumored Samung NX 5 is already out. Only limited details are available at that point:

  • 14.6MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 3-inch TFT LCD (compared to NX10’s same-sized AMOLED screen).
  • will be available in black from this month at a price of 699 euros.

Via Samsunghub

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  • ItsaChris

    wow its not a smaller version… how do they expect to get market share with only this type of camera? I guess the rest of the market could screw up and let them in

    as this mirror less catagory has not played out well. with panny making only expecive lens and panny/oly makeing the same lens over and over. sony building ultra small cameras then wasiting the size with large slow lens and poor menu system. an intresting Ricoh camera… pentax, canon and nikon no where to be seen. and samsung only having one large camera in there lineup. I was looking forward to this type of system but no one has been able to take this idea and put it into a system.

  • too pricey!

  • This is how the boardroom talk went:

    The NX10 isn’t selling very well. What is the quickets way to get the price down? Cheaper EVF and screen. Done. NX5.

    • Din

      The NX10 is selling very well and the NX5 was expected few months ago.
      Samsung did changes to that model, the NX5 suppose to came with a smaller EVF like the G10 but it not, the NX5 has a better EVF than G10 and a better price, that is the true target , $549 + kit in USA.

      • Lorenzo

        It is still too expensive if you compare it to the new Oly and Sony offerings. This is not to say that those offerings are the best possible options, as they have several problems. But Samsung is not proposing any viable alternative to m43 and Sony, for those (like me) whishing to invest into a small system with excellent IQ. Maybe IQ is good, but the camera size is not there, and the lenses are not there, either. Time is passing and Samsung is undermining their chances to get back in the game…
        (and by the way: m43 cameras are everywhere here in Italy, NX10 is nowhere to be seen, in stores. There must be a reason…

  • Floyd

    Ridiculous pricing, even with the 30mm F2.0 lens.

  • We actually have full details obtained from Samsung Germany – its in Hebrew but Google translate can probably help:

  • Catastrophile

    NX10 -> NX5 -> NX2.5

    NX2.5 specs:
    same as NX5 but with Sony 14mp CMOS sensor.

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