More Fuji Finepix X100 camera details

Fuji provided some more details about the much anticipated X100 camera.


The Fuji X100 will have three focusing options, selected by a switch on the left hand side of the body: manual focus, AF-S (single) and AF-C (continuous). Manual focus will be achieved with the focus ring on the lens (a distance indication bar is available but no rangefinder focusing capabilities):

RAW button

Fuji X100 is able to capture 12-bit RAW images using the RAF file format. For RAW conversion, the camera will come bundled with Silkypix software (street value: $140). Fuji is also working on providing RAF support in third party applications. No information is provided at that point about buffer capacity. The RAW button has two main functions:  to instantly enable RAW format for the next picture taken and to allows RAW files to be developed in camera. The Fn button on top of the camera will provide direct access to ISO selection.

Fuji did not specify a price for the X100. Previous rumors indicated a $1000 price tag, but I have the feeling that Fuji will take advantage of the popularity of this model and will price it higher.

A nice walktrhough video of the Fuji X100:

Source: Fuji

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  • it will not, it will be about 700Eur exactly to attract masses. it was mentioned by Fuji that 1000USD was hoax.

    • and this chickie is damn hot.
      saying Oldschool like and viewfinder, apperture, damn. I would do so things to her…

      • Anonymous

        I like how she had her fingers around the lens nd fiddling with the aperture nd focus.

    • 700 EUR are almost $1000 ($926 to be exact)

      • but prices in the US are usually cheaper than in Europe, we shall see – I hope Fuji doesn’t take advantage and raise the prices

  • R6p2a1T2

    If only it had a nikon mount.


  • Now let’s ask ourselves a little question, shall we? A question that the engineers don’t seem to know the answer to.

    For the person who would really be interested in an old-school camera like this, which do you think they’d prefer:

    A. A button dedicated to RAW and a single button that can be programmed to ISO or WB but not both.
    B. A button dedicated to ISO (or WB) and a single button that can be programmed to RAW or WB (or ISO).

    The answer is pretty clearly B. The camera is being designed to do A. How many more B answers are we not getting in this thing?

    • JBerardi

      I don’t understand how raw/JPEG shooting possibly merits it’s own button, on this or any other camera. Is anyone on earth is deciding this shooting parameter on a shot-by shot basis?

      When I hit the raw button during a JPEG shooting session, is the camera also going to switch to uniWB for me or automatically add exposure compensation for ETTR? In other words, having devoted a whole button to shooting raw, is Fuji even going to execute raw shooting properly? No, forget that, they’re going to include a develop-raw-in-camera feature that no one has ever cared about.

    • Zaph

      It is slightly worrisome given that we don’t know how big/fast the buffer is, and that Fuji haven’t done RAWs that well in the past.

  • benjamin

    the AF selection button is in quite a smart spot. but seems like it could get smashed by accident in rough conditions. i for one would never shoot jpeg alone so the raw button means nothing to me. i think they should allow it to act as a second function button. flash lock or something?

  • jack

    agreed, RAW button is fail… beginning to look a little cluttered back there.

  • panfruit

    Stuff just got RAW!

  • Steve

    ” Manual focus will be achieved with the focus ring on the lens (a distance indication bar is available but no rangefinder focusing capabilities) ”

    So not having range finder focusing capabilities..

    Does this mean that manual focus is going to be mighty hard with this camera unless you are using the electronic viewfinder?

  • SIM

    Good to know that manual focus will be available. However, if Fuji can put a split image focusing aid in the centre of the optical viewfinder, that would be awesome!

  • sgts

    people still shoot jpegs ?

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