Some Sony Alpha A99 rumors

I received some rumored specs for a new Sony Alpha A99 camera. No details were provided as of when this camera will be announced:

  • Translucent mirror
  • 36.9 Megapixel 3MOS Exmor sensor
  • (No Bayer filter)
  • ISO 100-102400 extendable to 204800 and 409600
  • 12 frames per second
  • No infrared or anti-alias filters
  • Digital infrared filtering with three modes NO IR,WITH IR,ONLY IR
  • In camera moire remove
  • 89 cross-type points AF
  • Metering direct from sensor
  • 60/1-1/24000sec, time, bulb shutter (focal plane)
  • Flash synchronization up to 1/500sec and high-speed sync up to 1/24000sec
  • Built-In GPS and Wi-Fi plus Thunderbolt
  • Two CompactFlash card slots
  • Price around €3000

I think those specs are just too good to be true, but everything is possible.

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  • Anything that has no AA filter is definitely worth the look. Hate those things. One of the reasons I keep the old Kodak DCS Pro around. When I need good detail, under controlled conditions, almost nothing beats it.

    • Feel free to tell yourself that, so could feel unique and you got to keep your money in the bank without buying a better camera but don’t mislead others.

      Bayer CFA sensors’ resolution is limited by the arrangement of the photosites… without wanting to state the obvious, the AA filter goes on _top_ of the sensor so how is the removal of it is going to make the sensor perform better when the main limit comes from the sensor itself (which is the reason why they put the AA filter to make things acceptable in the first place… sheesh).

      If removing AA filters is all good then manufacturers would’ve done it already. Leica’s doing it because they can’t be bothered and I’m sure it’s difficult to do with off-set microlenses.

      Certain manufacturers have overly strong AA filters (e.g. Nikon D3/D700 vs. original Canon 5D) and this is not a fault of the AA filter itself. Removal of the AA filter will introduce, at most, fake detail better known as demosaicing artifacts… for people who know better.

      Either that or your lenses are so soft it doesn’t make a difference…

      • I’ll have to throw away the Leica Crons then. Good idea 😉

  • Ale

    You shouldn’t even post these rumors.
    It’s so fake one can notice it from miles away.

  • Frosti7

    you could have written “flies to the moon and back” just after the “no bayer filter” line

    • Sky

      Not only there.
      it’s a rubbish rumor simply because of this “extendable ISO” – Sony never ever have used expendable ISO in it’s cameras, not Alpha nor NEX. Also Sony never has put anything close to that much AF sensors, and especially: that much cross-type AF sensor. It’s Nikon domain to spam cameras with AF spots, Sony does almost equally good with 1/5th of the amount.
      Also the Wi-Fi plus Thunderbolt seems to be unbelievable to the degree.

      Looks like rumor was written down by Nikon user who have no idea about A-mount system.

  • Luis

    If there is no bayer filter why there is a moire removal function? 12 fps, ISO 409600, 1/24000 sec shutter for $3000. Lol, what a fake.

    • Mike

      You are too quick to read, grasshopper. 3000 Euros. ($4700ish)

    • That’s 3000 euros, not dollars. Probably around $6000.

  • FMJ

    sounds too exotic for $3000.

    12fps isn’t hard since the A55 do 10 already.
    the ISO and shutter speed is too wild

    also 89 cross type focus points??? that much?

    • fotomik

      12 fps isn’t hard, sure, but 12fp @39mp? A bit, maybe…
      Also Flash sync upto 1/24000? Is there any camera-mounted flash with a flash duration that short?

      Come on, this is a wishlist if anything ever was. I can post one on my blog too, it’ll be better, I promise. 😀

  • cptrios

    Since whoever made this up obviously gave up on sounding realistic, I wonder why they didn’t just go crazy and say “100mp, ISO 99999999999999, 20fps, ‘automatic wedding photographer’ mode, infinite triple-cross AF points (some extending even beyond the frame), and the ability to actually freeze time.”

    • Theoretical


      That would be an instant-seller!

      • Theoretical

        In response to ‘automatic wedding photographer’ mode.

  • kaze kaze

    WOW what a list… and where is the “makes my coffee” function?

  • NW

    If the spec is right and SONY is such aggressive, I will switch from Nikon to this A99. With Carl Zeiss lenses, this is an unbeatable combo.

  • this is a ridiculuous list. it’s oozing fakeness.

  • Aleqs

    1MB of RAM and 100MB of HDD ones was ridiculous too.
    if the Nikon will continue to use Sony’s sensors, i wonder what they will come up with.

    and will the next Canon have this feature?
    Smart White Balance (image)

    • Alex

      3x MOS “FF” sensor (and a big prism) in a DSLR-like package is and will always be ridiculous.

  • Din

    WiFi Thunderbolt?
    The new Thunderbolt protocol is a wire system that some companies want to use instead USB 3.0.


    • J-Man

      GPS + WI-FI + Thunderbolt, not WI-FI-Thunderbolt.

      “Digital infrared filtering with three modes NO IR,WITH IR,ONLY IR

      1/24000sec, time, bulb shutter (focal plane)”

      Soooooo FAKE!

      They forgot to include the built in PSP function,
      and the 10inch display that only takes 3inches of room!!!

  • Mike

    I’m with NW. If this is Sony, I’m switching from Nikon.

    10 years ago, heck 5 years ago ISO 102,000, HD video, and Nikon FF DSLR was a fairy tale. Anything is possible. And i believe Sony is on steroids when it comes to R&D. When we’re old we’ll be telling our grand kids that we were around when the antiquated plasma TV technology replaced CRT’s. And that for a while we used 12 mp cameras with moving mirrors that topped out at 102,000 ISO. And that our lenses had more than one element and it wasn’t fluid, but air and glass!

    Because it’s Sony, I kind of believe these specs. They could only barely compete with Canonikon when similarly spec’d, so now they are going to shock and awe the industry. But I don’t know why you would need 36 mp at 12 fps. MF at those MP only do 1.1 FPS. That’s a lot of computing power.

    • BornOptimist

      The ISO values are beliveable, but there are other that reveal it as fake. There are no need for moire removal filter if there are no bayer filter. Also 39Mp and 12 frames/sec. That’s 6.5Gbit/sec or almost 3x the fastest camera today (assuming 14 bit, still with 12 bit there are more than 2x the present fastest camera).
      This is fake, and just a fantasy by some fanboy

    • I’m with you. Who remembers Minolta Dynax 9? It could burst at 1/12000 and could synchronize in HSS mode at 1/12000. This film monster was released years ago and since those years technology improved much but there were no camera that fast. Specs of this hypothetic A99 are not unbelievable, more than that, they are symptomatic when you’re bearing in mind how many funds Sony invests in R&D. Some time ago someone told that Canon have to fear not a Nikon leadership but Sony one and this time is here.

  • Isn’t the AA filter there to remove moire? So if no AA filter then in-camera moire (via software) makes sense. Agree that these are pretty wild specs.

    • BornOptimist

      Yes the AA filter is there to remove moire, but moire is there because of the bayer filter. Since there are no bayer filter there are no moire, so no need for moire filter.

  • “Two CompactFlash card slots” – right, Sony has ran out of Memory Sticks?

    • Sky

      They already did while ago in their reflex cameras.

  • zedkyuu

    3MOS = 3 separate sensors, one for each colour. Hmm, where you gonna put them?

    • Just A Thought

      3MOS = 3 separate sensors, one for each colour. Hmm, where you gonna put them?

      Not necessarily. As for fitting them – they have been doing it in high end video camera for ages. The beam splitter prism would cost a fortune – probably more than 3 sensors. I kinda think 3Mos may mean they are using 3 MOS Transistors per photo site as amplifiers and buffers or something along those line – ie a new CMOS design – if Black Silicon is involved then it would be…

  • Just A Thought

    Easily doable with technology that has been around a while. Black Silicon can provide unreal ISO. No Bayer Filter does not mean that it does not have color filter on top of the sensor – it’s just not a Bayer matrix design.

    The only thing that I have a problem with is the proposed sale price price – seems low. Interesting times we live in…

    • BornOptimist

      The only thing you have problem with is the price… you don’t have many problems if you ask me 🙂
      No seriously, no bayer filter means no moire so if this rumor inventor knows what he is talking about, there should be no reason to mention “In camera moire remove”, so these two lines tells me this is fiction/fantacy and pure wishlist from a fanboy having this few seconds of extacy.

  • Axel

    Not to get off track, but if Nikon has been using Sony sensors, what does this mean for the Nikon line up? Maybe a preview of the D800 sensor spec?

  • Admin, you need to get yourself a technical advisor to go through what you hear before you post them here 🙂

  • Stuart

    Really, Wow, tooo good to be true ?
    Cool & beleivable ISO 409600 , High speed Sync, Wifi
    Really why? – 89 cross-type points AF

    But Sony is able to surprise us with great products so may not be too far off.

  • CJ

    Chuck Norris camera.

    • CJ

      No wait, he don’t use a camera. Chuck freezes the moment with his eyes and save it in a parallel universe in his beard.

  • josh

    Oh, and it comes as a kit with the new 8-1200mm f1.4-1.8 Zeiss instant focus “(almost) pancake” lens (I reduced the top-end max. aperture by two thirds of a stop for extra credibility)… But that’s another 2.699 Euros.

    • CJ

      Also the mount is universal, it can take EF, K, F, M42, T, etc. And the sensor adjust itself for APS, full frame or medium format lenses.
      Instead of a optical or electronic viewfinder, it comes with a holographic proyector wich detects the movement of your iris, so it’s always in front of your eyes.
      Last but not least, it don’t even use batteries!! it charges automaticly by the user’s movement or any lightsource available!

  • D R E A M O N 😉

    • Alex

      “DREAMON”? Is that a kind of Pokemon?
      The rumored camera certainly is 🙂

  • Gabe

    This is just some fanboy’s wet dream, nothing else.

  • BS

  • Camaman

    They should embed a 128GB SSD in this camera with USB3.0 and call it a day!
    Also couple og gigs of fast RAM would also be nice.

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