Rumor: also a new Zeiss Distagon 16mm f/2.8 lens

In addition to the rumored Zeiss Distagon 25mm f/2.0 lens, there could be a second new Zeiss Distagon 16mm f/2.8 lens:

"Oh, by the way, for those who's interested in astrophotography and ultra-wide angle, Zeiss will be releasing a 15mm/2.8 soon, and it will be available in both ZE and ZF mount, for more details, please wait for Zeiss official announcement."

The original source also confirmed the 25mm f/2 lens:

"Finally ... Zeiss ZE 25/2, while the previous 25/2.8's advantages are  color rendition and macro capability on film, the newer version is better in image resolution and uniformity)".

Via ZeissRumors

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  • Mikko

    15mm/2.8 or 16mm/2.8 ? Both are mentioned in your text.

  • this was the original text, they later changed it to 16mm

  • MJr

    Holy shitstorm, all these great primes and now these two. Please Canikon brew me a affordable and decently compact enthusiast Fullframe DSLR, i can’t take it anymore !!

    • MJr

      By the way F/2.8 for 16mm, this thing will/would NOT be cheap …

      Hope it doesn’t have a crazy bulging front element …

      Hope it has easily correctable distortion, if any …

  • pooh

    Few would be able to afford it should it be Made in Germany like the ZM 15/2.8 and 85/2 ($4,000ish comparing
    to the ordinary Made in Japan ZM lenses around $1,000), even fewer would be strong enough to wield it…

    The ZM 15/2.8 is a Distagon design, unique on rangefinder cameras. It also indicates that this new SLR lens might share an identical diagram, thus similar performance.

  • fred

    Whatever, obviously fake pic, you just turned around the S to look like Z’s!

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